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3/9/13 8:36 P

Doing higher intensity exercise is a good thing, even if it will burn calories faster than Spark's assumptions of calories per minute (which are based on fairly broad based averages).

I'd recommend looking at how many calories you are burning in a typical week, and then updating your Exercise Goals (accessible from the LH side of the Start page) with this figure there. There is an option there to directly set a weekly calorie total, rather than using Spark minutes and days assumptions.


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3/9/13 4:41 P

I generally go by the calories burned rather than the fitness minutes. I go for long walks that take up a lot of minutes but not a lot of calories. Therefore my minutes could be double the amount on the tracker. I could adjust my fitness minutes to the amount of calories I burn but since I never really bothered to pay attention to the minutes I never did.

3/9/13 2:20 P

You can adjust your fitness goals to more accurately reflect how much activity you're actually doing. I've been under my minutes goal because I've been doing more higher impact activities so I burn more in less time. Sometimes I go way over my minutes but don't burn enough calories because I'm doing more things like walking

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3/9/13 12:04 P

I don't think it should be a problem overall. Personally, I like doing different types of exercise each day, and while one may not be as *long* as the other, it will definitely kick my butt. Some days are endurance-driven, some are speed-driven, and some just aren't happening. :)

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3/9/13 11:52 A

your inches and weight loss week by week should provide your answer as it is going to be different for every one of us. Remember, unless you are tracking the calories by a heart monitor , the calories burned calculations for SparkPeople, on exercise equipment or most generic charts are at best a guestimate as to what you are actually burning. I am told that most exercise equipment guess high (it makes you want to use or buy their machines over the competition).
Go with what works for you without a guilty conscience ;-)
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Good luck with your 5K training

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3/9/13 9:28 A

The minutes don't necessarily matter, it's the calories burned. Update your fitness page with the calories that you are burning, it may or may not affect your nutrition tracker. You can also change the minutes to reflect what you are doing, then change back, but the calories burned estimate is what's more imporatant and should definitely be updated.

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3/9/13 9:24 A

What happens if I am consistently over my calories burned goal but UNDER my fitness minutes goal? That probably sounds weird. I guess the reason is because I sometimes do short bursts of running if I don't have much time in the I might be able to go a 10 minute mile and then track that. Obviously 10 mins isn't a whole lot of time, but it does add up to a good amount of calories burned if I do it almost every day. So is that something I should correct or is that ok to be over my calories burned goal but under my fitness minutes goal?

Note....hopefully this pattern won't last long since I'm getting in more mins as I practice for my upcoming 5k. But for now, I was just wondering if that would affect weight loss or anything.

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