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That sounds good. If you look through the Spark list of all the various things you will see you can get minutes for doing things like gardening. I usually get 120 minutes for doing Heaving Cleaning as I have a lot of housework to do daily, or I go bowling and get credit, or walking, etc. When it is warmer, I get credit for yard work and for gardening, etc.

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Do you set a goal for each week? or month? or for the year in terms of fitness?
What works for you?

I target 1200 fitness minutes each month. That divides down to about 300 min per week. That allows for variation from week to week, but gives me an overall goal for the month. So far, so good.
I have set 17,000 min for the YEAR, so obviously there needs to be more minutes, for me, when the weather is nice!

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