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TANITHSEH1011 Posts: 208
8/12/14 3:17 P

I looked into fitness bands for all of their "nifty" extras. However after doing some research into things like sleep tracking I figured out it isn't really that reliable. So I decided it wasn't worth the money. I went with the Spark People Activity tracker. It is a good price and does what I need it to, it tracks steps, miles, calories and motivates me to get off my butt.

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8/12/14 2:50 P

I love my Fitbit Flex. Pros are it is on my wrist all the time (no worries of losing it) and it keeps me moving. Biggest con is that I know I can easily manipulate it, so I work hard not to.

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8/11/14 5:27 P

Is there anyone weaing a fitness band? I'm plannin to buy one, but don't know yet which one. Fitbit Flex, Polar Loop, Nike Fuel+, Vevo.....Which one have you bought and what' are the pro's and cons?

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