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SparkPoints: (7,310)
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Posts: 310
4/10/13 11:40 A
anyone have good experience with this?

SparkPoints: (12,596)
Fitness Minutes: (3,573)
Posts: 324
4/10/13 11:10 A

SparkPoints: (12,596)
Fitness Minutes: (3,573)
Posts: 324
4/10/13 11:04 A

SparkPoints: (24,941)
Fitness Minutes: (45,140)
Posts: 478
4/10/13 10:22 A

If there is a Half Price Books or other used bookstore/video store, that is a great place to get really cheap workout videos. Often they are still in the cellophane! People get enthusiastic and buy a bunch of videos and then they never use them.

SparkPoints: (73,999)
Fitness Minutes: (51,725)
Posts: 3,488
4/10/13 7:30 A

Youtube is my favorite also. I love the Befit channel. Sparkpeople has a channel too!

Fit For Duty is a great series of home workouts too.

Pop Pilates has great, short pilates routines.>

SparkPoints: (17,197)
Fitness Minutes: (5,128)
Posts: 681
4/10/13 6:50 A

If you have Netflix, there are some exercise videos on Instant Watch, but honestly I think YouTube has a better selection of full videos.

Posts: 6,107
4/9/13 11:09 P

strength training is important too so check out

Posts: 822
4/9/13 8:57 P

Great sites, thanks everybody!

Posts: 655
4/9/13 12:39 P

Youtubes befit channel has a lot of free work outs including jilian michael's 30 day shred.

Posts: 2,707
4/8/13 2:22 P (and on YouTube)
BeFit Channel on YouTube

Your local library can also be a great resource for videos. Ours charges $.75 per DVD for a week, but that's not too bad. Yours might be free.

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Fitness Minutes: (14,252)
Posts: 9,588
4/8/13 1:41 P


SparkPoints: (3,027)
Fitness Minutes: (465)
Posts: 6
4/8/13 1:33 P

I, too, work out at home due to the expense of a gym. If you can afford to you might want to go on Amazon to purchase some used (or new) videos. Purchase a few and switch. I like Ripped by Jillian Michaels which gives you 3 or 4 levels of different workouts (I am on Level 2). I am pretty sure if you go to You Tube you might find some full workouts. You can always google free workouts and you will may find some. Good luck!

SparkPoints: (97,483)
Fitness Minutes: (98,629)
Posts: 13,022
4/8/13 1:30 P

Posts: 822
4/8/13 1:00 P

Can anybody recommend any fitness and workout websites that I can use to work out at home? I am missing the gym, but can no longer afford it so I'd prefer something free. Yes, I have used the videos on this site.

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