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2/18/14 6:37 P

I have a Garmin for GPS, but it doesn't do the cal burn right. Polar has the market cornered on the calories burned algorithm. LOVE my Polar.

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2/18/14 10:27 A

I have a Garmin Forerunner 410. It's a fairly lower-end GPS watch with a HRM strap, and it's rechargeable. It tracks my runs through GPS, and I use it all the time for the calorie-tracking with the HRM. The only complaint that I really have is the battery isn't that great, so it needs charging every couple of days of hard use, and the charger clamp can be fiddly, but I think it just needs cleaning.

Overall, I love it. It maps everything for me, and keeps a log that I can edit/share as needed!

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2/18/14 9:37 A

Looking for a good watch that I can use for tracking runs as well a calories burned when doing other exercises. Right now I'm doing Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and have no idea how many calories I'm burning, and I'd like to know what that number is. Once I'm done with that program, I'm going to start running again (plus continue with DVD workouts) so I need a watch that will carry me through a variety of workouts including running that calculates my distance and counts calories burned.

Any thoughts?

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