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MAMA2FOURKIDDOS SparkPoints: (15,575)
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Posts: 917
12/12/13 8:35 A

WOW this is VERRRRRRY cool! Thanks for the tips! *off to check it out!*

MLEHTO Posts: 734
12/9/13 1:38 P

Good to know.

SAGACIOUSSARA SparkPoints: (4,888)
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Posts: 11
12/9/13 1:15 P

the Best Part is you add the Fitness Videos to your watch list so you do not have to hunt for them each time you want to the video. You might think the cost of Amazon Price of 89.00 per year is high however when broken down about 7.42 a month a whole lot cheaper than cable! I'm an tv addict but when the cable company want 128.00 a month for internet/cable/dvr i cringed. Yes I cannot watch what is on tonight however tomorrow morning last night episode will be available free on the internet. How I keep up with the voice the biggest loser ..etc...

PHILLYGIRL2012 Posts: 984
12/8/13 7:56 P

Thanks for the info! I was saddened when netflix stopped streaming fitness videos so I'm glad my amazon prime provides this perk.

JOYSEEKER24 SparkPoints: (24,727)
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12/8/13 10:46 A

I am going to check that out! Thanks for sharing!

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
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12/8/13 8:00 A

thanks for the information! I was thinking about checking out amazon prime and this just might be the incentive that I need.

CUDA440 SparkPoints: (84,869)
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12/7/13 12:18 P

Thanks, My husband and I were just talking about getting this last night. So that will be a nice bonus.


ELLESSE0 SparkPoints: (8,241)
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12/7/13 10:26 A

If you're like me and you 1) Have a limited budget, and 2) Like to change things up often, then you might be excited to learn that Amazon Prime Instant Video has recently added Fitness/Exercise videos to their selection! I just noticed it about a week ago and it seems like there's more of a selection every time I check.

If you have an Amazon Prime Account, these videos are free to stream. The Prime account does come at a price, but I've found it to be totally worth it. I also got it as a student, so it was discounted. The main benefit of Amazon Prime is free two-day shipping on almost everything. But the instant streaming videos is becoming a nice perk.

Right now they have 4 Jillian Michaels videos, a couple Denise Austin yoga and pilates, lots of Jane Fonda, and random others.

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