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I agree with LEC - strength training doesn't burn a whole lot of calories directly in the way that cardio does.

Instead the main effect of ST comes through boosting your metabolism and burning more calories throughout the day. This metabolic effect is dependent not so much on the specific weights or exercises that you are using, but rather that you are fatigueing your muscles with each step. It is not so much the movement of ST that burns calories, but rather that the body uses protein as the raw material to rebuild muscles, and therefore that protein is no longer available to be burned as energy.

Just record the reps and weights you use for your own notes - the calories credited is pretty nominal anyway.


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1/17/14 3:25 P

Strength training doesn't burn calories directly like cardio does so while SP does add a token amount of calories to strength training exercises you track, I don't really bother with it and take my calorie calculations from food and cardio.

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I am new to this site, I was wondering how to record the proper values for strength training. I do multiple sets of different weight lifting equipment such as leg press, barbells etc. When I do 5 sets of 5 reps for each activiity, how is the time measured and turned into calories? Just curious.


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