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Spark's default recommendations as to calories are based on time (the number of minutes and days) and some broad assumptions as to exercise intensity. These assumptions are fairly conservative, and reflect a relatively low exercise intensity, which is appropriate for most people starting out.

However, as you continue to exercise regularly, your fitness will increase and you will probably be able to burn more calories per minute than Spark assumptions. But you will also likely have a better idea at that stage of how many calories you are burning.

The option is there basically to cater for more advanced exercisers.


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6/12/13 1:19 P

Thank you - this helps alot.

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6/12/13 12:43 P

Are you talking about the calories burned per week in the "setup" area? It's important to estimate your weekly calorie burn here, because that's what your food ranges are based on. If you enter "0" in to this estimate, and later track all your daily exercise and burn 1500 calories, it still assumes you're getting zero exercise and sets your food ranges low.

When it comes to tracking I enter both cardio and strength training because I want to keep track of my fitness minutes. But I assume that ST burns super minimal calories so I only really track calories for cardio.

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6/12/13 12:06 P

On the fitness tracker, there is an option to enter the number of calories burned per week. I wear a HRM when I work out, so I have a pretty good idea of how many calories I burn.
My question is - why does it offer this option?
Is it either enter strength training and cardio OR enter calories burned to get your fitness information but not enter both?
Thank you.

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