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10/22/12 8:50 P

Hi Claudia,
Don't know if you want an old lady to join you on your journey, but we might be able to team up.
I am 55 years old and have been running/jogging for 40 years, since x-country in high school. I just never quit. Thus, I have been able to maintain my weight within 5 pound either way of my ideal weight on the charts. I normally exercise about 7-9 hours a week, but this is not a normal time as I have been very ill in the last five months with a lung infection. My lungs are not yet clear, but I am trying to walk and do other exercise 30 minutes a day. I have been doing aerobics since 1980, Yoga since about 2000, strength training and Pilates since 2007. I hate strength training, but it sure has been great for me! I was in better shape at age 50 than at age 30, because of the variety of exercise in my life!

I live in the Pacific NW and so have to jog in the rain in fall, winter, and spring. Sometimes I could go inside on a treadmill, but I get too hot too fast and love to be outside.

These months are significantly unusual since I am recovering from this serious illness. I have done well in the past with an accountability partner. I have made great friends because we spent much time together struggling to finish miles on the road.

I could use a friend these days with my struggles to eat right. Because I am home all day, and tired during recovery, I have been eating too much. The first weeks I was sick I lost ten pounds and got down to 108 pounds, but now I am at 118 and climbing! My preferred weight is 113 - 115. I am a petite 5'2" short! I am at my top weight that I ever want to be right now!

Normally I am at work about 25- 30 hours a week, and doing errands and helping my aging mother during most of the weekdays.

With my former fitness partners, we set our own goals then report back as to how we are doing. For now, my goal is to stay out of the ice cream and bread with butter. Other than that my diet is fine. My exercise is suffering. Today is the first time I went to strength class in five months! Boy, am I ever sore!

One of my weaknesses is computers. It is nothing short of amazing that I figured how to find these message boards and come back to them. Normally I don't have time to spend on them, but I am home, and tired so it is fun to read many posts in these 'boards.'

Well, let me know what you think about teaming up. It seems we should use another page besides the posts, so I could use your recommendations.

Best of luck to you in your fitness endeavors! N16351D

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10/6/12 2:07 P

Hi Claudia, I'm Tracey where are you from?

I can be you're motivational buddy but please be warned I can be a real task master, even to myself.

Good luck in what ever your decision.


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10/6/12 1:50 P

Hi all ! My name is Claudia and I'm looking desperately for a person to keep in touch with during my weight loss and nutrition journey. Im looking for someone to share what workouts were done for the day and what was a bad thing we ate just to keep up with nutrition. :)
A little about me:

I joined spark people a couple years ago. However it is an off and on relationship. (haha) I am 18 turing 19 this month. (the 15th) I weight around 192-3 lbs and want to loose 5 lbs a month for starters. 15 pound weight loss by december sounds good i think.
So if anyone is interested and is looking for help as well, i would be great full!

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