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4/6/13 5:36 P

Hi! I'm 15! The same is happening to me! I don't have family support, actually I'm ashamed to tell them I feel fat. I think it would be very nice to help each other

JESSIE19871 Posts: 3
3/11/13 8:00 P

i am thirteen and i would like to be/ like to have and encouraging fitness/weight loss/health buddy!

ROCONNELL23 Posts: 3
2/21/13 12:49 A

Hi Amber, I'm 16 years old and looking to lose some weight before summer too! Maybe we could be buddies?

2/10/13 9:23 P

im amber and im 16 years old.
i want to lose 20lbs before summer so i can wear a bikini and not feel fat.
i dont really have any support from my family.
and i would like to have a buddie!
we can share fitness and eating ideas
and lose weight together!
so just message me if you do.

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