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2/8/14 1:20 A

I like them. There is a large variety of videos and they have some low impact and some for beginners. they often also have a level number that gives the difficulty. . the level 1 and level 2's do not have jumping. i have tried several of the videos and i enjoy them

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12/5/13 10:53 A

I really like these videos but they're not meant for people with bad knees or backs. I don't think they're meant for befinners either.

I did a video of theirs last night and had to modify some of the moves because I'm 7 months pregnant. I think it was still effective.

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JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,236
12/5/13 9:45 A

I love FB, and their HIIT videos helped me get over a plateau. I also use their ST videos sometimes to spice up my ST routine.

I agree that they aren't for beginners. But when I first started, even in decent shape, I couldn't do all of the burpees, etc. I still don't have the upper body strength/coordination for some of the moves, so I do what I can or modify to another similar challenging exercise. Some days, if I'm dragging, I still have a hard time. I just march or jog in place at that point. They also have a new low impact program and have been showing a lot more modifications in their newer videos.

MYAKAYAH Posts: 8,033
12/5/13 4:48 A

I'm a huge FB fan, but yes I have to be careful with high impact moves, or putting undue pressure on my knees. I modify certain moves, do another exercise instead or march in place until I can get back with the video~

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11/30/13 3:19 P

yes I have found ways to modify. i don't lunge nearly as far. my burpees - i lunge one leg back, touch the floor and stand up, the next burpee i lunge the other leg

but i still get discomfort in my left leg. not sure what to do yet. arghh

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11/30/13 11:00 A

As much as I love Fitness Blender's workouts, I have to admit that even many of their "beginner" workouts aren't very accessible to true beginners or people with injuries or other difficulties. Modifications of the exercises are, of course, always possible... but first you have to have some idea of HOW to modify, because in very few of their videos are they able to show or articulate how to make the movements easier. So there's that.

That said, they do offer a lot of videos and several of them are low impact, if that's your main/only point of worry. They do have videos that are doable if you have bad knees (I recommend the Beginner Boot Camp, or take your pick of the upper body workouts, but I'm sure there are others). If there are certain exercises or movements you cannot easily do, I would suggest looking up modifications from a reliable source online or perhaps getting a session with a personal trainer for help.

11/29/13 6:50 P

There are several low impact workouts available on there if you're unable to complete some of the others

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11/29/13 3:10 P

Who here has tried fitness blender? Do you like it?

for people with bad knees or are just too overweight to get into position, do you make alterations to the moves?

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