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5/23/14 4:09 P

Papadimitriou, I had the same surgery 3 years ago and understand your concerns, but I must say I am surprised that you are being told not to walk for 1 month. I was lucky to have the orthopedic surgeon for the Vancouver Canucks hockey team and the BC Lions football team perform my surgery and he had me up and walking the next day and off to a physical therapist. No heavy physical activity for 1 month but he was adamant that I walk every day and slowly incorporate exercises for range of motion in the knee. I was back on the tennis court hitting balls (no running or real play) in three weeks and playing in a tournament 8 weeks after surgery. And yes it was painful but it was pain associated with healing from surgery not the kind of pain associated with injury.

So talk with your doctor and see a physiotherapist for exercises to aid recovery. The Spark cardio exercises done in a chair is a good start and will help keep you in shape. Losing weight will really help with knee pain and recovery so this may be a good time to focus on your nutrition and making necessary diet changes. I have lost a total 55 lbs and it has made an incredible difference in my pain and mobility. All the best for your recovery.

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5/23/14 3:06 P

Even if you can't exercise as much as you'd like, you can still keep your weight under control if you are making healthy food choices and tracking what you're eating.

Coach Jen

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5/23/14 2:06 P

I've had two foot surgeries...recommend Coach Nicole's SEATED cardio, core, resistance band and upper body videos. (Free here on Spark!!)

You won't be able to do some of the lower leg moves on the cardio/band videos yet---but MODIFY as needed!!

Take care--remember that healing is the most important -- you can get fit again later!!

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5/23/14 1:27 P

Thank you For your fast reply.

Of course I am doing physiotherapy , almost every day .
My problem is that I Didn't swelter with these exercises ,
I scare about my abs

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5/23/14 1:24 P


You might want to check out our Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center:

All of the exercises here can be done from a seated position. I'm assuming you'll also be doing physical therapy as part of your rehab, so you should be able to ask that PT for more exercise ideas.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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5/23/14 1:20 P

Hallo There,
Before 1 week I did a surgery . Now I must not walk for 1 month.
please hep me and tell me some cardio exercises .
I Am very Active Amateur Athlete and I am going to Crazy with this situation.
I try to find ways to not rendered less my muscles

Very Friendly
Papadimitriou Panagiotis (Greece)

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