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Try Spark's Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center, which has a range of ideas for seated workouts.

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When I talk to the primary he says talk to the neurologist. Who at this time I am waiting to get into see they are booked out to August. They have me going to so many specialist. I was looking for something at home in case I can not get out.
This past winter with all the snow it was an issue also I no longer drive All State thinks people with MS are a risk. So I no longer drive or I would be at the gym doing water exercise. Getting to and fro seems to be a big issue so I thought home to keep active would be the way to go.

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Because of your medical history, I would recommend talking to your doctor about what exercise is safe and what you should avoid. Your doctor should be able to help you create a workout program that works for you. Water exercise is a great option if possible since there's no risk of falling. A recumbent bike might also be good. When deciding on a home equipment purchase, it should be something that works for you long term and also something you enjoy. That way you're more likely to stick with it.

The good news is that when it comes to weight loss, the majority of your progress is going to come from diet, not exercise. So even if you can't be as active as you'd like, you can still lose weight consistently if you're tracking your food and staying in your recommended calorie and nutrient ranges.

Coach Jen

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I am 45 years old and weigh roughly between 246-253 given the day and the scales. I have some chronic health conditions that I am in the process of stabilizing . I am asthmatic and I use a nebulizer now which for me has made a world of difference. I tend to have asthma attacks due to smoke, and environmental factors and when my MS acts up.
I also have Graves, and Addisons disease which I am on the suitable medication and it does fluctuate and after many years dealing with these two diseases Diabetes has been added to the mix. Right now my Diabetes is under control and my A1C is 5.6 and I keep my sugars regulated. I am not a high sugar person the only time it raises tremendously is when I am angry or if I would splurge and eat say a hot fudge sundae with whipped cream or something of that nature which I seldom do.
I also suffer from Multiple Sclerosis which affects my legs. I fall quite a bit. I also have leg pain quite a bit and I try to do meditation and holistic vitamins for the MS. Also as a result of the MS I am incontinent which I am seeking medical attention and they are trying but the MS is progessing as it does.
I was very active when I was younger with sports and exercise and aerobics. Years ago I was active with a gym with swimming exercise. Now here's my problem I need to exercise and lose my weight I know it would help over all with things. I eat very healthy foods lots of fruits and vegetables. I am allergic to beans, nuts and soy so I don't incorporate and I do eat at restaurants occassionally but when i do I go for healthy things not bad things. I also tend to eat at home, I can only cook Italian food, so I mainly do salads and vegetables no dressings or sauces. I am a bland type of eater.

I need to work out and I have a small space to do it in. I have been contemplating a recumbnant bike that folds up or a tread mill . I used to kickbox which I loved and all that high energy things now with the legs I can't do that with falling. Is chair exercising the way to go or is there an all in one machine or what? I have done Leslie Sansone DVD's but with the legs it just doesn't help. I try to take out door walks when someone will walk with me, but as I said falling and breaking ankles and sprains is too vast. What is my best option. In addition being bladder incontinent is horrible and when I have tried Zumba and things outside the home I might as well just have splat mats. I am frustrated at this point. So if anyone can advise I would appreciate it.

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