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BE-THE-CHANGE Posts: 15,222
12/15/13 10:06 A

I generally sleep 5 1/2 to 6 hours a night with anywhere between 5 and 10 times restless. It is usually between 15 and 30 minutes. I would say you are pretty high and that's probably why you are so tired during the day.

LOVINGLIFE45 Posts: 209
12/14/13 4:48 P

My sleeping habits are improving. Try turning the clock around so you can't see it, that has helped me.

MEMARE Posts: 2,362
12/14/13 2:19 P

I find I have pretty poor sleep habits. I average 4-5 hours of 'sleep' a night, with many restless periods(5 to 20 times) even though I try to get eight hours in. Sometimes I'm tired during the day, sometimes I'm not. I just figured my body can function on that amount of sleep at this stage of my life.

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11/30/13 11:07 A

Thanks so much that is what I am wondering when should you get it looked into? I wanted to see what others had for numbers. I did go an extended period of time not using my fitbit flex but decided to try again and don't find my sleep any different with it on or off! I wish I did! lol
thanks for the tips!

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11/30/13 9:00 A

I got my Fitbit mainly to track my sleeping. I have a hard time going to sleep and wake up a lot. I also take sleep meds. Well, I used it for about 3 months and then....dropped it in the toilet while on vacation!! It was amazing how fast it was gone!!!
I am sleeping better now. Not sure if it is behavior changes or not I cut my sleeping pill in half and take it with a cup of Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time tea. Then I got to bed within 10 minutes. I am going to sleep very quickly. And pretty much staying asleep. Of course I do walk 30 minutes 2x a day too.
When I used my Fitbit, I found that I woke up between 15-20 times a night. Sounds like you might need to do a sleep study if you are also sleepy during the day. Not sleeping is terrible!

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11/30/13 7:19 A

Just wondering if anyone can fill me in on their sleep patterns with the fit far as how many times you were restless! I always seem to get what I think is high numbers last nigh I had 37 min restless (19x) another is 51 min restless (21x awake) I also take medication to help my sleep.. But I am always so tired during the day? emoticon

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