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2/23/13 5:38 P

I've had my fitbit one for 8 days now and I absolutely love it. The badges push me to work a little more. Okay, a LOT more. Where did this energy come from??? "Just 12 more stairs and I get the badge for 75..."

I just sync mine with my computer when I get home. I have all the information I need on the display. "Only 3000 steps? I better get cracking!"

I really like how it does the food tracking. If I've had 700 calories of food, I've burned 1700 so far in the day, and I have a goal of one pound loss per week, it says, "Today I can still eat 500 of about 1300 cals." As I continue to work out and sync, it just updates that number. If I spy a cookie on the counter that I just have to have, I spend a few minutes walking up and down the stairs (Yay badges!) and then I can happily eat that cookie knowing I'm still within my calorie range.

I actually switched my goal to two pounds per week and the fitbit is motivating me like I've never been motivated before. I love it so much.

LEXIE63 Posts: 10,633
2/17/13 12:24 P

Ok, thanks for the info. The only thing I'm wondering now is whether I can get the full benefit of the fitbit if I don't have a smart phone. I notice that you can get updates to your phone while you are on the go, but I only have an old basic mobile.

Any thoughts about that?
Lex xxx

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2/17/13 11:41 A

It's a wristband like the Nike Fuel or Jawbone UP bands. It has a pedometer/activity tracker and tracks sleep as well.

LEXIE63 Posts: 10,633
2/16/13 12:59 P

What is the flex?
Lex xxx

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2/16/13 12:08 P

Personally, I'm waiting for the flex to release before I buy one. I've been looking at the Nike Fuel band and the Jawbone UP, but I think from what I've read about the flex it's going to meet my needs the best. Just my two cents.

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2/16/13 7:54 A

I had one for about three days....then lost it. It is small and you are right clipons get lost to easily. I backtracked to look for it - bank, grocerystore, doctors luck. :(

LEXIE63 Posts: 10,633
2/16/13 5:19 A

Thankyou for the reply. That is really helpful. :-)
Lex xxx

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2/15/13 5:15 P

Yes, you get either the ZIp or the One. In addition to sleep tracking, the One also tracks flights of stairs. I only have a Zip though so Im not sure how accurate that is.

I keep my Zip in my pocket or clipped to the inside of the pocket (so if it falls off, it will fall into the pocket and not get lost) with no trouble at all.

I don't have the scale either, so someone else would have to answer that. However I think the scale connects with your fitbit account so Id imagine it would have to be that scale for it to work (the company doesn't have much incentive to support other wireless scales). You can manually update your weight in your fitbit account though if you don't have a scale.

LEXIE63 Posts: 10,633
2/15/13 4:57 P

Hi Guys,

I'm thinking of buying a Fitbit and have a couple of questions:

1. Am I right in that you buy either the Zip, or the One, depending on whether or not you need to track you sleep?

2. Does it work with an ordinary scale? I have a Weightwatchers Scale and I find it very good. I'm reluctant to spend £100 on a scale when I already have one.

3. Can you carry it in your pocket? I always find anything that clips to clothing falls off. I carry my other pedometers in my jeans pocket for security, having lost one into the toilet, and dropped another on a hard surface.

Lex xxx

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