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12/4/13 5:45 P

I just ordered Fitbit Force so I've been comparing activity trackers. The only one I saw that was water resistant was the Polar Loop, up to 20 meters. The rest are ok in the shower and rain but the Loop was the only one that can be used for swimming. However, what turned me away from it is that it's currently only compatible with iphones and I have android. It is the only tracker that's compatible with a heart rate monitor but only with H6 and H7 by Polar. I was going to get a Fitbit Flex but I figured having the display (not on Flex) on Force was worth the extra $30.

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12/4/13 1:13 P

I have some birthday/Hanukkah money and I was thinking of spending it on one of these trackers. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts? I swim a lot, so it would need to be compatible with that.


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