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10/30/12 7:47 A

The only thing that I've tried is to edit out the exercise mins. It still keeps the fitbit info in the box above. I wish I could find the number of calories that Spark uses to determine the baseline calorie intake because I like using the fitbit to determine how active I've been. So far I've been ignoring the low calorie warning. The fitbit page seems to be better at letting you know what the deficit is on the calories burned. Hope this helped some.

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10/30/12 2:37 A

Is there a way to edit your settings so that it only uses certain levels of activity as your 'calorie burn' for SP (i.e. Very Active minutes)?
The reason I ask is that currently it is throwing my exercise minutes/ calories burnt 'off', and warning me that I am eating too few calories, when in reality I am just going about my day-to-day activities.
I guess one option would be to only wear it while exercising, but for me would slightly defeat the purpose, in that I wanted something to encourage me to be more active, in addition to my scheduled exercise. emoticon
Hope that makes sense!

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