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4/14/13 5:45 P

I have a fitbit one, and enjoy it very much, as far as bringing it to work, What they cant see shouldn!t brother them, u will have it in ur pocket, its not as big as a pen or pencil, what kind of job have u got anyway

DEMARYA Posts: 7
4/14/13 4:39 P

I got my Fitbit One on 2/23/23 and though I've been living a pretty sedentary life, this has really helped me to increase my activity/number of steps per day. There have been a number of times in the evening when I've looked at where I was currently and saw that I was close to a certain # of steps or a cerntain mileage level-so it motivated to get in those extra steps for the day.

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2/27/13 9:06 P

Wow, sorry you can't bring it to work but if you don't move that much anyway it probably won't matter much if you aren't moving a lot anyway. Hope you enjoy the Fitbit One as much as I do.

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2/27/13 7:10 P

Thanks for the reply.

I decided to get one, but I've been told I can't bring it to work.

I'll use it when I'm not working. I've got an office job, so it's mnot like i move around that much while I'm there...

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2/24/13 9:59 P

I have a Fitbit One and as far as I know the only time it wirelessly captures information is if you have the wireless dongle plugged into your personal computer and whenever you are within about 20 feet of that computer. You can sync it with your phone but you have to open the application on your phone for it to capture your steps.

I got my Fitbit in December and sorry I waited so long to get one. I love it!!! In my opinion, it was a great purchase and I love that in addition to giving me step counts it also tells me how many floors I've climbed in a day.I am not sure about the accuracy of the step count but it does count give me steps when I am on the elliptical and I just read a post by another owner on the "Fitbit Users Unite" team that it gives her steps on the Arc Trainer which is similar to the Gazelle.

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2/24/13 3:55 P

I've been looking at the ads for the Fitbit One and I think I'd like to buy one.

I have a big problem that I am not allowed to use devices with wireless turned on at work. Is there any way to turn the wireless off and still have the Fitbit track steps/stairs etc?

As a Fitbit owner, how do you feel about it? Was it a great purchase, so-so or virtually unused?

Can it track your activity on a Tony Little Gazelle or Elliptical? I mostly use the gazelle because it doesn't hurt my knees.

Thanks so much for any info

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