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3/11/15 8:42 P

In my own opinion its very unlikely (I am NOT a doctor but my background is in electronics engineering). Having said that I know when I was with a former defunct employer (a large telecommunications company in Canada) we got a notice from the union warning of a increased risk of cancer due to our work (electrical workers and power lineman face the same risk). The fields we are exposed to daily are several orders of magnitude larger than anything a cell phone or fit bit could emit.By that I mean in the order of tens of thousands if not a million times stronger and for a considerably LONGER time,

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7/14/14 4:12 P

That webpage is not a scientific study. It is a personal option. The website offered no evidence and the author is a geologist. If a doctor said that he thought that cancer was caused by a cell phone that again is his opinion, it does not mean that it is true or that the doctor had any idea of what he was talking about.

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7/14/14 2:32 P

There is no link between cell phones and cancer.
It is irresponsible to spread rumors like that!

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7/14/14 2:11 P

Yes, I have heard probably about a year or so ago, this same girl was on tv being interviewed about her breast cancer. There was at that time a doctor from Johns Hopkins that said it is quite probable that the cancer was the result of wearing the cell phone inside her bra and that to be smart and safe he encouraged women not to place their cell phones inside their bras.

That being said, how many other times have people end up with cancer because of electrical currents?

Here is an interesting link I found.

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1/4/14 12:42 P

I found this feed by googling fitbit risk of cancer. I just want people to be aware of the other things I found on risk of cancer from cell phones skin/skin contact. It even says iphone 4 and blackberry have a warning in their instructions. Here's the link:

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6/12/13 6:10 A

I couldn't find anything that said a Dr. said that the phone caused breast cancer. In fact, I found the following which says the Johns Hopkins Dr.'s are unwilling to state that as the cause, though this article does not rule out that possibility. Interesting article:

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6/11/13 5:38 P

How did you find out about the woman diagnosed with breast cancer? Where were these doctor's quoted? There's enough danger in the world, I need to have proof before I panic.

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6/11/13 5:15 P

As a scientist... and also pointing to the WHO analysis of cell phones it's clear that the jury is still out on phones causing cancer.

As a comparison the median age of onset is lung cancer is 66 years(
07/8/60) - after many years smoking. Cell phones have only been around for a decade- it is simply unknown. Cancer is a cumulative effect which may only manifest after many years. We will only know for certain in about 20 years...

Scans do indicate the concentration of em radiation in the brain whilst a phone is in use.Having said that research has indicated that the brain is the least sensitive organ to radiation.

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6/11/13 4:11 P

Scientists never use the word "prove," but in the way most of us use that word, they have pretty much proven that cell phones do NOT cause cancer.

As for the story about a woman who carried her phone in her bra getting breast cancer, if it were true, wouldn't there be MILLIONS of men getting butt cancer from carrying their phones in their back pocket?

That said, though, if you're scared that a device might hurt you, don't get one. Even if you know the fear isn't logical, you won't have fun. There's absolutely no point in spending money for what is really just a toy if you won't have fun with it. There are many, many other ways to measure your workouts. Don't let anyone pressure you into using something you don't want to use.

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6/11/13 3:10 P

There has been a LOT of research into this, and any link between cell phones and cancer has still not been proven. I imagine there are tens of thousands of people who carry their cell phones in their bras - odds are that even on a purely random basis, several people out of thousands are going to develop breast cancer. One case does not prove a link.

And even if we assume for the sake of argument that it does, the radio waves for WiFi used in FitBit are MUCH lower in power than an operating cell phone. WiFi has a range of 30-50 yards, as against 10+ miles for a cell phone.


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6/11/13 3:07 P
This was a study conducted in Taiwan and the results were just released April of this year. No correlation was found between cell phone use and brain cancers (since the brain, obviously, would be the organ most susceptible).

One single case does not a study make.

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6/11/13 2:17 P

So, even if they were able to conclusively link the cause of the cancer with the phone itself (and frankly, it's really hard to do that, even on a case study basis) how do they know it's the wireless portion of the phone? It could have been a faulty battery, or a cheap phone with dangerous components.

There's no known risk with these kinds of devices; I wouldn't stress. You're more likely to get cancer by exercising outside with no sunblock.

At any rate, these kinds of devices don't operate on cellular technology. Most of them use either radio or bluetooth style connections for wireless capability. It's just not the same technology .

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6/11/13 2:08 P

A one person case study is not a very accurate method for conclusively stating a fact.

ERICADURR Posts: 243
6/11/13 2:01 P

Cell phones have not been proven to cause cancer. If they had, people wouldn't be carrying them (or far fewer people would).

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
6/11/13 2:00 P

Studies have not been able to show a link between cell phone use and cancer.

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6/11/13 1:48 P

I happen to notice that there is a new gizmo on the market now: The Fitbit

Curious I googled it. Hmm...another wireless gadget that is suppose to be awesome. Maybe it is, but at what cost health wise? I mean really.

Not too long ago there was a young woman of 23 years old who was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

It was discovered that she kept her cell phone in her bra.

The doctor at Johns Hopkins was quoted as saying, this was definitely the cause and warned that others really need to be careful with wireless phones.

That would also go for the Fitbit, or any other gadget that is wireless which someone may decide to wear on their person.

Just a word to the wise.

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