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10/15/13 12:01 P

Miss Jane - From what I read it is supposed to count the number of restful sleep you get. You will see how many times you actually got up as well as how often you may have tossed around. I also do think it continues to count your calories based off the weight/age that is inputted.

Thank you all for your feedback, I am now leaning towards the Spark Activity Tracker...we shall see :-)

PHOENIX_83 SparkPoints: (1,863)
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10/15/13 11:59 A

Miss Jane - From what I read on the FitBit it will track how many times you wake up as well as toss and turn through out the night. At first I thought that was pretty nifty but after reading all the responses I am starting to wonder what good that will really do for me?

Thank you everyone for your input I think I may now be leaning towards the Spark Activity Tracker. It does everything I "need" to help me stay more active throughout the day.

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10/12/13 2:23 P

what do mean when you say it tacks your sleep? do mean hours slept or calories burned while sleeping?

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10/12/13 2:11 P

I have the fitbit one and love it. I wear it all day everyday and it counts my steps, very active minutes, lightly active minutes, stairs climbed and sleep. It also intergrates with my fitness pal for meals or you can log them right on your computer or the phone app. Another good thing is that I can discretely wear it right on my bra and no one knows that I am wearing it. I can check my progress on the unit or on my phone app.
I also have a HRM that I strap on while I am doing my daily exercise. It tracks calories burned and minutes etc. I also have my fitbit on during this time. I know that fitbit tracks calories but I am more comfortable with the HRM's calorie numbers since it is tied to heart rate.
I love having both.
The spark traker was not out when I got my fitbit and I may have gone that route I don't know. They are similar products except that the spark is cheaper but the fitbit can be tracked from you cell phone. Best wishes on your decision.

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10/11/13 3:50 P

Is the Spark difficult to program? I find that I love my HRM, but if I had a really fancy one that did all sorts of things, I'd feel lost. I don't even have an iphone because I don't want to buy something that expensive and not be able to use all the features or see that it helps me in my daily life, (but I still want one cause they're cool and everyone else has one...)
The price of the Spark sounds good, how easy/difficult is it to figure out?

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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
10/11/13 3:09 P

ohhhh, I may have to look into this one as I want to be able to wear something when I do aquafit classes.
what about personal training-- will it just categorize that as activity? I do lots of different things- rowing, squats, trx and starting cross fit in little pieces.

As far as FitBit vs HRM-- no relation. The Fitbit is more of a pedometer with benefits depending on which one you get-- the zip is just a pedometer, the one will actually guage sleep, stairs, calories burned all day, and steps. The flex is waterproof but does not guage stairs, and now they are coming out with the force that counts stairs, but if you ask me- its ugly and anything I need to wear on my wrist needs to be pretty or cute.

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10/11/13 10:23 A


If you haven't heard, SparkPeople just launched our own fitness tracking device called the Spark Activity Tracker.

The Spark shares a number of similarities to other trackers. It tracks your all day movement, and wirelessly transfers the data to your computer and account. However, big differentiators of the Spark vs other trackers includes:
- The Spark fully integrates with the rest of SparkPeople. So on one site you can see and use all your tracker data, plus use all the other great tools, resources, and community interactions on SparkPeople. We also then have special challenges and coaching available exclusively for owners of the Spark.
-You can wear the Spark discretely on your pocket, belt or bra – unlike many other devices that you HAVE to wear on your wrist).
- The Spark can distinguish the types of workouts you did, determining (and tracking) if you did running, walking, indoor cycling, or an elliptical workout. The type of workout you did will appear in your fitness tracker, so you can see exactly how many calories you burned while running vs. an elliptical workout. We believe other trackers do not provide this level of detail.
- At $59.95 The Spark is priced less than most other trackers on the market. Of the 3 most popular other trackers, the Nike FuelBand is $149, the FitBit Flex is $99, and the Jawbone Up is $129.
- The Spark is completely waterproof. You can wear to exercise in the pool (it will not track and categorize your activity as “swimming” but since you are moving , it will track that you are active), and it even can survive a run through the washing machine if you accidently leave it on your clothes.
- The battery will last 6-12 months. Other trackers typically need to be recharged every 5-10 days. Plus we include an extra battery.
- We can’t underestimate the benefits of being fully integrated with SparkPeople, and with the benefits of SparkPeople building the system to view and use your data. SparkPeople has been around since 2001, and has learned how to encourage people to be more active and eat better. We have applied all of this learning to our Spark Activity Tracker experience. You’ll get special weekly coaching tips based on your activity, have access to special teams and challenges, and many more great new features. Plus you get 500 SparPoints when you setup your Spark 

The Spark will not track your heart rate though.

Be well,

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10/10/13 2:41 P

I just heard of the Fitbit today and was doing some research online. I feel very torn right now. I use to have an HRM but recently misplaced my watch so I am in the market for a new one. I was reading about this FitBit and yes it tracks steps, stairs and even your sleep but not your heart rate. That is really the only thing I don't like. I always enjoyed working out and upon seeing my HR going down I would amp it up. With the FitBit it would seem I wouldn't get that. HOWEVER i would only wear my HRM if I was doing some sort of exercise so it wouldn't be tracking me all day while the FitBit does. I have actually talked people into buying their own HRM, i knew the product well and was able to share the motivating experience I had with mine. I was wondering what my Spark Family thought of these two products has anyone owned both? Should I just suck it up and get both? I am a multi tasker and want what I buy to be the same. What do you think?

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