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3/4/13 8:57 P

I love my body media fit. It is interesting to see how you sleep. I went from 2 pillows to 1 and found I slept better. try not to eat heavy or drink before you sleep. Have you asked your dr. about melatonin? My doctor has now put me on ambien. He said I have shift work sleep disorder. I probably have other things going on I just found out about that affect my sleep. I just found out I have arthritis. I don't know the extent of it. But I know that pain wakes me up a lot. All kinds of various things that can make you tired. You should really discuss it with your doctor. You could be anemic, have thyroid problems, all kinds of things can make you not sleep.

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3/4/13 3:21 P

Thank you for the replies!
I did go to a sleep center. The practitioner there told me to gather more info because she was not sure if I needed the test.She did not mention FitBit or BodyMedia for tracking sleep but I think that this would be a good idea. The practitioner wants a lot of info because the sleep test is very expensive. It costs about $10000.

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3/4/13 1:20 P

I use a Fitbit and I think it is a wonderful tool. Basically, it can't actually track when you "wake up" but it can track if you are moving around. I would caution you however...

You may want to speak to your doctor about setting up a sleep study. If you are sleeping, but waking up tired, you could have a more serious medical issue that needs attention.

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3/4/13 12:42 P

i use the fitbit and it seems to work ok. never used a bodymedia.

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3/4/13 11:43 A

I am very tired most of the time.

I need to track my sleep to see if I wake up at night without being aware of it. Is FitBit or BodyMedia better for tracking sleep?
Thank you in advance.

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