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9/26/13 5:09 P

Roxigurl I have the same. On my fibit account my activity levels and calories burned are perfectly reasonable for the activity. (Sadly so--no inflated numbers as near as I can tell and no impressive burns). Here, my fitness minutes are fine even though they do include activity I would not log. But I get Spark exercise minutes for moderately and very active minutes from fitbit. I only get those when I am obviously active--no issue there. But my exercise calories that come to Spark are nearly always too high and they do not match any number on my fitbit account. I am just using the Spark option that doesn't add exercise calories and have tweaked my settings to give me a range comparable to my fitbit range. Part of it may be the different BMR formulas Spark and fitbit use--the Spark formula estimates a higher BMR for me. It is hard to say which is right since they are all estimates, but in terms of my actual results I think my fitbit totals are more accurate so I guess the lower BMR estimate fitbit starts with is more appropriate for me.

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9/25/13 12:17 P

Just to confirm that i am happy with FitBit readings. When data is transferred to Spark i get huge amount of calories burned and active minutes

9/25/13 11:40 A

I haven't used fitbit, but I've been wanting to. Interesting to see the potential issues with it. I hope some other people reply with their experiences!

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9/25/13 3:03 A

I synced my FitBit with my Spark account few weeks ago. I am just wondering if i need to do any adjustments with settings as it gives me ridiculous amount of active minutes and calories burned. What is your experience with FitBit?

Thank you

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