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1/17/14 11:28 A

It will inflate your calorie range even when accurate because Spark will double count. Spark awards you calories for your BMR + light activity and Fitbit does the same so Spark will think you're burning more calories than you are when you sync. But Spark won't affect your calorie range/burn on Fitbit.

I would set up your food plan with Fitbit and figure out how many calories you need to eat to achieve your goal weekly weight loss based on your total calorie burn and just eat in that range regardless of what Spark gives you for a calorie range. You can still log food here and it will sync over to your Fitbit account but you're going to be using your Fitbit to determine how many calories you should eat and how many calories you're burning.

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1/17/14 11:06 A


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1/17/14 9:03 A

Here's the link to sync your Fitbit with Sparkpeople.


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1/17/14 7:55 A

you are constantly burning calories and thats what fitbit is taking in to account. it computes how many calories a woman your age and size should've burned by the time you put the fitbit on and it continues to count after you take it off. you can only add to cal burns depending on how much exercise you do everyday, otherwise you will see cal burns for the day and every day to be about the same.

how did you sync your fitbit to sp? I have the fitbit one.

good luck with your weight loss journey.

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1/17/14 7:24 A

I recently received a FitBit Zip yesterday and this morning, I put it on but take a look before I did and it already said I had burned 400 calories. Does anyone know why? Does it take a few days to figure out my activity before being accurate? How will this affect SP since I have them synced?

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