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CUDDLYPOLARBEAR SparkPoints: (212,389)
Fitness Minutes: (135,903)
Posts: 13,688
3/7/14 12:15 P

I have a fitbit flex

ANNETTE117 Posts: 2,551
3/7/14 11:43 A

I love my Fitbit One.

formerly Coolgirl68
PATRICIA-CR Posts: 6,994
3/7/14 10:08 A

Two days using a Fitbit Zip and loving it!!!

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SCOTTIEOWNER SparkPoints: (7,107)
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Posts: 681
3/4/14 1:02 P

I have the Withings Pulse activity/sleep/HR tracker and love it. I also have the Withings WS-50 scales and the BP Monitor. Along with spark food tracking, I am accountable and aware of my physical well being. Everyday, the health app gives me my results and I can send on to my physician if requested. I like this!

MESMAGIC Posts: 981
3/3/14 11:27 A

I am debating on getting one. I want one, but I am not sure if it will just sit on the desk, and collect dust, after a week or two.

TGUY82 Posts: 53
3/2/14 8:55 P

I just ordered a Fitbit One. The spark tracker is not available in Australia yet :(

I also have no idea why my profile says I've ordered the Spark Activity tracker?!

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TCANNO SparkPoints: (152,122)
Fitness Minutes: (92,712)
Posts: 25,618
3/2/14 10:15 A

No but I have a target pro-38

Trev, Kent Southeast UK

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SUNSET09 SparkPoints: (244,380)
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Posts: 52,125
3/2/14 12:05 A

no emoticon

CHUCKYDOLL SparkPoints: (12,194)
Fitness Minutes: (40,237)
Posts: 3
3/1/14 10:23 P

I have a fitbit force. So far I love it!

TGUY82 Posts: 53
3/1/14 10:00 P

I wanted to get a force, but it looks like they have been recalled for some dermatitis issue some customers experienced. Would it be worth waiting to see when the issue is fixed or just order a flex now?

BEARLYBOO SparkPoints: (13,183)
Fitness Minutes: (14,082)
Posts: 816
11/26/13 8:00 A

I have a fit bit zip and I love it!!!

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MISTY919 SparkPoints: (14,586)
Fitness Minutes: (32,380)
Posts: 70
11/25/13 8:22 P

I have the zip, its so much fun to track with it, and is pretty accurate!

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JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (282,413)
Fitness Minutes: (233,320)
Posts: 8,425
11/23/13 12:20 A

Online Now  • ))
I haven't bought one yet.

Janie Garcia Moreno




11/22/13 2:35 P

I am using fitbit force, it does everything it said it would do,
tracks steps taken, distance, stairs, calories, sleep patterns and more.
The only complaint I have so far is the design of the wristband, it does not stay on properly, I solve the problem by using duct tape, not the most attractive but it serves the purpose.
No more trying to keep track of the gym, walking, calories and so forth it does it automatically, it does not calculate all machines in the gym but enough for me.

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11/22/13 10:29 A

I have the flex and I love it! It sure does keep me motivated and focused on my goals. I always feel like I have to get those 10K steps in

COURTS42 SparkPoints: (6,075)
Fitness Minutes: (5,894)
Posts: 288
11/22/13 10:14 A

I just got the FORCE this past Tuesday. SO far I love it. I had the ONE before but it would always fall off. I am definitely looking forward to this one...

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TENNISJIM Posts: 11,385
11/22/13 5:49 A

I have the Nike Fuelband

MASE72 SparkPoints: (216,980)
Fitness Minutes: (170,786)
Posts: 8,936
11/22/13 5:49 A

not me

COSMOJINX Posts: 177
11/21/13 3:25 P

I have the Flex, it is great! Monitors sleep, exercise, etc. Very comfy to wear-can't even tell its on.

BANANAFANNAH SparkPoints: (42,023)
Fitness Minutes: (38,874)
Posts: 2,582
11/21/13 10:09 A

I have the FitBit One and love it!! I'd really love to get the Force & the scale. I hope you enjoy it once it arrives!!


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Have a fitbit? Me too!
WRFTAZ SparkPoints: (12,642)
Fitness Minutes: (1,945)
Posts: 1,177
11/21/13 10:03 A

People @ work have them and like them.

I haven't decided which one I want to get yet.

LKS2GAB2 SparkPoints: (37,654)
Fitness Minutes: (23,600)
Posts: 1,230
11/21/13 8:33 A

I had a zip and changed to the Flex. I love both if them.

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EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
11/21/13 6:29 A

On my second Zip, lost the first one after a year of faithful service. I love the Zip, not interested in either the Flex or Force as I don't want anything worn on the wrist.

Moving in new directions.
MYAKAYAH Posts: 7,321
11/21/13 5:02 A

I have a FitBit Zip but I'll be getting a Force at Christmas or the first of next year! It is a motivation tool for me so I can get in my walking for the day~

kayah Sin City, NV

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BETHANY1979 Posts: 63
11/21/13 4:52 A

Ordered the fitbit force about a week ago, hopefully I'll have it for Christmas. I'm really interested in the sleep tracking function.

LIZDLEON1 Posts: 72
10/27/13 3:47 P

waiting for it to arrive at best buy but I can't wait so excited!!

KIMMYGEE83 SparkPoints: (10,817)
Fitness Minutes: (2,894)
Posts: 65
10/24/13 11:57 P

I just bought a fitbit one a few months ago and I love it! It is definitely worth every penny spent :)

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
10/24/13 10:08 P

I have the Zip, my second one, since the first one is lost somewhere. I haven't missed a day using it since I got the first one, more than a year. Love it!

Moving in new directions.
IRIS256 SparkPoints: (9,866)
Fitness Minutes: (22,066)
Posts: 2
10/24/13 9:50 P

I have had a Fitbit One for the last year, as well as the Fitbit scale Aria. I absolutely love both. The Fitbit is awesome for motivation on those days where I'm just not feeling motivated, seeing how much lower my steps are almost always gets me moving. It's great that it syncs through my phone, I did find it less convenient when I was only able to sync through my computer. I also really like the scale, it reliably gives the same readings if you step on and off multiple times, and automatically uploads your weight. I usually weight myself once a day and I really like not having to manually record it.

SUSAWH SparkPoints: (10,045)
Fitness Minutes: (15,001)
Posts: 360
10/24/13 6:27 P

I just got a fit it One about 2weeks ago. I really like it. Nice to know how well I am sleeping. And it syncs with SparkPeople so I do not have to enter my cardio workout.

Thank you Sparkpeople for being there!
10/24/13 5:30 P

I LOVE my fitbit. I have the fitbit end and have had it for a year. It is fabulous. It has really motivated me to be active and I love how it gives me a pretty accurate calories burned number at the end of the day so I can be sure I am eating correctly.

PARKSCANADA Posts: 4,305
10/24/13 5:23 P

Love my fitbit zip - totally motivates me to get more steps in! Now I just think of it as getting more steps in instead of putting the dog(s), bringing the dog(s) in, putting them out, bringing them

WRFTAZ SparkPoints: (12,642)
Fitness Minutes: (1,945)
Posts: 1,177
10/24/13 2:11 P

I've been thinking about getting one as several people @ work have them.

HLTHAPPINESS4C Posts: 22,401
10/24/13 1:38 P

I have the most basic fitbit....(brain fog and can;t think of name). Anyway I love it and it helps me stay motivated and keep pushing myself to newer limits.

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10/24/13 12:48 P

Have one - the bracelet one - and I love it. It's very motivating and easy to use.

LIZDLEON1 Posts: 72
10/24/13 12:29 P

want to get one

CYGNUSXR1 Posts: 143
10/24/13 8:34 A

What is FitBit?

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SUNSET09 SparkPoints: (244,380)
Fitness Minutes: (69,189)
Posts: 52,125
10/24/13 8:26 A


10/24/13 8:02 A

I just ordered the FitBit Force, and I cannot wait for them to begin mailing them. There is a 4-6 week wait, due to the fact they're so new, they dont have them in stock yet. Does anyone have any of the present models of FitBit? Pro reviewers say they are the best on the market. How do you like yours?

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