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12/20/11 8:44 A

I got a new ice fishing pole foe Christmas, now i need some ice!

Posts: 175
12/6/11 1:22 P

I live in Georgia, I usually do a combo bream bass and catfishing in whatever lake I happen to be going in. Have some decent trout streams up north also, when we go camping. I love to go deep sea fishing in the gulf or the atlantic as well.

Posts: 1,251
12/5/11 8:58 A

i agree any day fishing is a good day

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Posts: 9
12/5/11 8:54 A

central mass here... bass and trout mostly... wachusett resevoir... though i do get to go saltwater fishing a couple of times during the year...

my wife tells me i'm a terrible fisherman since i don't bring home a lot... my buddies tell me i'm a good fisherman cuz we have a great time when we go... either way, when i have a pole in hand it's often times a good day to be a fish... doesn't bother me though... fishing is one of the best excuses to spend a day doing nothing with friends...

Posts: 1,251
12/5/11 8:49 A

the area i live in is called lake city plenty of lakes, i need a boat too, may have it next year working on a plan!

Posts: 5
12/5/11 8:45 A

I live in Southern California. The fishing here isn't that great. I've been fishing Castaic for years and have never caught a thing. Cachuma Lake near Santa Barbara has been goo for catfish. I'm still trying to catch my first bass. I guess I'll have to get a boat and electronics to make that happen.

Anyone in So-Cal with tips or hot spots for someone without their own boat. The rentals are expensive and super slow. Are there ANY decent bank fishing spots anywhere between the Inland Empire and Santa Barbara? That's nearly a 200 mile spread. There's gotta be some consistent good fishing around.

I just haven't found it....yet

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11/24/11 12:13 P

I live just north of the catskills in NY in a very rural area. Ponds streams and resevoirs every where you look. Mostly I like bass fishing.

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Posts: 4
11/24/11 11:31 A

If you are on a lake, don't get freaked out if - when the sun comes out - the surface of the lake starts making crazy cracking noises! The ice will expand and the sound makes you feel like you are going to fall through. As long as it's think enough, you'll be good. My brother in law and I were freaking out about that and some guy comes out with his family - little daughters, wife, etc. so we felt vey unmanly at that moment. Just make sure it's thick enough!!!

Posts: 1,251
11/24/11 9:39 A

going to try ice fishing for thr the first time this year!

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Posts: 4
11/24/11 2:20 A

I live in northern California, near what is known as "The Delta". Second largest delta in the US next to the Mississippi delta. Lots of bass and striper and catfish. I mostly fish for bass in my little 12ft aluminum. Boat = Bust Out Another Thousand!!! HAHAHAH!!!! Tight lines, lads (and ladies)!!

Posts: 3
11/22/11 8:30 A

Live on Choctawhatchee Bay near Destin Fl. Most days I fish for redfish and trout. Occasionally take my 18 ft Century out in the Gulf, when weather permits, for snapper.

Posts: 1,346
11/20/11 11:49 A

Lake Erie for walleye's i'm not a big fish eater but i like walleye.

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Posts: 61
11/16/11 9:07 P

I live in Southeast Texas and have the luxury of fishing every month of the year. I have been in a bass club for over 12 years now and have served as president for the club and assistant director and youth director for the Southeast Texas Bass Federation Nation. I have dedicated many years to support the effort of fisherman and biologists to protect our resource.

It has been my passion for so long I have almost forgot how to fish for the fun of fishing. I am retiring all my positions this year so I can get back to the basics. Cane pole if that is what it takes.

Check out my spark page for some old and some new photos..

Remember: Don't let your kid be the one that got away - take them fishing instead.

Posts: 5,286
11/6/11 9:45 A

I'd like to be out fishing right now.

Posts: 469
11/4/11 10:18 A

Women that fish are awesome.

I live in south Floriduh. I fish fresh and salt water. I live 10 miles from the ocean and 5 miles from the Everglades and an hour from the Keys.

If your ever in the Fort Lauderdale to Miami area and want to have fun. Hire a guide to take you Peacock Bass fishing. They will take you through neighborhood canals, but hooking a 2 pound Peacock is like catching a 8 pound largemouth. Lots of fun with light tackle.

Posts: 355
10/27/11 2:24 P

I fly fish for trout and bass emoticon

(sorry for being a chick in the guy's lounge!)

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Posts: 69,419
10/25/11 9:25 P


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Posts: 1,005
10/25/11 12:04 P

I little bit but mostly striped bass and black fish (tautog) now.

Posts: 6,014
10/24/11 4:22 P

is bluefish still in season in the northeast?

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Posts: 1,005
10/24/11 2:48 P

I am a saltwater fisherman. Usually striped bass or fluke. Went 100 miles offshore a few weeks ago for tuna but did not catch any. Have gone sailfish fishing in FL as well.

Posts: 1,251
10/20/11 9:24 A

I'm sure it is hard, but sounds like fun, I have seen it on tv on a few shows, for now I will stick with the pole method!

Posts: 5,148
10/19/11 9:15 P

Madalore it is a pretty good time harder that people think.

Posts: 972
10/19/11 8:50 P

Love to fish for mostly trout and bass

SparkPoints: (121,405)
Fitness Minutes: (128,662)
Posts: 2,626
10/15/11 11:14 A

Columbia River and Pacific ocean, Chinook Salmon!

Posts: 1,251
10/15/11 7:49 A

Hey, I live in northern Indiana too, i have never bowed fish that sounds fun!

Posts: 5,148
10/14/11 9:28 P

we have a lake house in northern Indiana, we fish all four season. Large and smallmouth bass, . northern pike, walleye, perch, bluegill, and crappie. We mostly catch northern pike, walleye, perch, bluegill, and crappie when ice fishing. I also bowfish for Carp sometimes.

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Posts: 69,419
10/14/11 11:44 A


SparkPoints: (6,694)
Fitness Minutes: (4,434)
Posts: 57
10/13/11 10:33 P

I love going fishing for catfish.

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Posts: 5,928
10/13/11 3:43 P

Baffin Bay south of Corpus Christi, speckled trout, redfish and drum.

Posts: 1,251
10/13/11 10:32 A

I really got into it this year mostly pan fish, i want to do some bass fishing, and walleye too!

Posts: 39
10/12/11 1:23 P

I love to fish!! Right Now the bite is on for Yellow Perch and Walleye in the Western Basin of Lake Erie
But my Favorite Spot is the Florida Keys for Grouper, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and Tarpon

Posts: 1,251
10/12/11 10:19 A

who likes to fish where and what do you catch?

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