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7/16/14 2:18 P

way to go! use patience as a tool to make small steps each day and stay motivated. small steps equal great results. and I love Madonna. shes empowering workout music. Congratulation's on today. and remember to believe in you! emoticon

STAR1973 SparkPoints: (6,749)
Fitness Minutes: (1,821)
Posts: 179
7/16/14 2:18 P

way to go! use patience as a tool to make small steps each day and stay motivated. small steps equal great results. and I love Madonna. shes empowering workout music. Congratulation's on today. and remember to believe in you! emoticon

7/16/14 12:07 P

YOU are very welcome and I must thank you! YES YOU! After writing you this morning I took an action I hadn't planned. My husband and I have been taking morning walks on the beach averaging anywhere from 40-60 minutes. That in itself was a real accomplishment considering I have been inactive for about 4 years. More s the last 2.5 years. Anyway, I asked my husband if he wanted to do the walk but it is a tad cold out and he declined. SOOOOOOO.......I changed into my exercise clothes....though I don't look like the fit woman I was way back I went up to the very room I spoke of and exercised. I looked at those goal photos, worked out to Madonna and Cher....yes I am in my 50s and do love that music so suck it up! So you see, we are all helping each other. We are doing this together and never have to be alone if we choose not to be. I have a minimum of 50 pounds to lose just to get back to where I used to me 4 years ago. I could lose anothe 10-15 after that but we will just take all that in stride.
I think you are very wise to take it slow and steady and find what works for you. We all have different starting points, different things that excite us and motivate us to work at our programs. If changing your food plans is your first step, which is a great one by the way, you go for it. As you start feeling healthier and seeing some of those 120 pounds disappearing you will most likely be eager to do more. Hang in there and visit often. I plan to. Let's do this together!

STAR1973 SparkPoints: (6,749)
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7/16/14 12:06 P

please don't give up we can make it. don't start again tomorrow from your set back start over at this second. maybe do a little march in between commercials to help it go down but don't surrender to one meal. you can do it. we can do it. you are not alone anymore you have a whole site of people standing beside you and in your corner. we gone make it. starting over isn't difficult, just understand that its done and in the past. you will prevail. life is so amazing and wonderful and we can inch our way into better health and fitness one day at a time, one moment at a time and achieve success through planning, using a journal, and with the help of our teams in spark. don't give in or accept that after so much trying that allowing the guilt of one meal to pressure you to quit. we are winners and we will suceede. remember the process of losing weight is created slowly in time. use your will and power to get up and start over today and to unleash the greatness u have within.
I will never surrender. we can change our hearts and our minds to want to win. sometimes I watch the biggest loser episodes on you tube and also the other one with chris to help me stay motivated in the mind that its not where you started but where you finish. we will cross the finish line and win the gold for our own success. persistence and be kind to yourself you deserve this. KEEP GOING

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7/16/14 10:57 A


You are exactly like us & we are like you in many, many ways.
We've all been where you're at. That's one of the best things about Spark: being w/ people who "get" and understand!

That said, I will suggest you commit to 30 min to an hour a day looking at the success stories and Woo-Hoo posts. Also, the Motivation section. There are some fantastic articles that will help you.

Just fake it 'til you make it. Act as if. Meaning, act as if you had the motivation. Most folks wait until they feel motivated to complete a task, but you need to just do it first and then the motivation will follow.

Good luck!

STAR1973 SparkPoints: (6,749)
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7/16/14 10:49 A

thank you for all your tips and encouragement. it helps to know even if at least one person is rooting for me to reach my goals and find success. persistence is a very important key in getting up and moving. sometimes I have so much trouble just getting up and getting started. once im up I have no problems with going for my thirty minutes, but music is an excellent factor in moving. my focus hasn't come to me in an advanced way yet, but in the mean time I will not surrender. my most current goal is carb cutting and implementing more veggies. I feel sort of like it has to be now that I reach for success. im very heavy. I have like 120 pounds to loose and so far ive only just began. but I have lost two pounds. which is why I want to stay motivated that I can push myself to do more. I want to cross the finish line and reach my goals. I have learned that this is a journey that I have to make alone physically and that no one can do it for me. I've only just begun. emoticon

7/16/14 8:57 A

Hi Star1973! Some of us think a little to much about the act of doing something opposed to doing it. THEN...we wish we had just done it! We tell ourselves tomorrow will be different. How do I know this? Because I have experienced this type of situation more times than I can shake a stick at. The thing is....I do remember the days when I was on top of the moon when I completed my activity. I still have my goals posted around my exercise room. Something happened and I shut the door on it all. We are selling our home. We had a bunch of kids here this weekend so I went up into the room to tidy it up. There they were...all my goals surrounding the walls. I have 2 beautifully framed prints with quotes related to PERSISTENCE and FOCUS! I bought empty frames and framed my goals. An Apple for healthy eating, A picture of well sculpted bodies for beauty, strength and success. I have one with a body with a measuring tape wrapped around the woman's waist. You get the picture. So, when I go to my workout room, Warm up my body for my workout....I would scan the walls and review my goals. It worked beautifully then and I am going to take back my life and do it again. BUT....MUSIC was a giant player in my motivation. Some days I may not have wanted to do it but I would turn up my upbeat music and withing minutes I was LOVING my workout. I worked harder because of it. I didn't want to stop some days so my time turned into an additional 30 minutes or so. When I was done...I felt fantastic, I felt successful and I felt so proud. You need to find something that you look forward to when you go to work out. Whether it be the beautiful sunrise, or that fabulous sunset as you run in the beautiful outdoors. Do you like music....I highly recommend you use it if you don't can really take you to the finish line! Mirrors are a fantastic motivator too. I HATE looking in mirrors as I see the body that once again needs a lot of loving. HOWEVER....that same action of viewing my body in the mirror is a great tool for seeing the wonderful changes in my body. Good luck and keep us posted!!!

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STAR1973 SparkPoints: (6,749)
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7/16/14 8:32 A

i want this so bad. its like a seed that it growing in me and i want it more each day. each day im trying to find ways to motivate myself to get moving. im laying my workout clothes out the night before or even sleeping in them. just to get up at five or six am and do ten to thirty minutes of moving. my body wants and craves the movement in a way that i feel disappointed when i dont get it in. im trying small things like stretching or marching in place during commercials. i have also been working on a journal. motivation is something you become not something we are

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7/9/14 10:54 A

I think its great your still going, otherwise you wouldn't have posted. Remember, mental is important too. Weight loss when your obese is a health issue as well as a looking good issue. IT all works together, that being said I started exercising a minute at a time four times a day until I built it up.

Yea, I still have days when ordering pizza seems the only alternative for dinner on a busy day (that's admitting a lot since we eat Paleo) I just had to deal with the fact that it happens. I was on Facebook at one of the crossfit pages and some guy said he ate a whole pizza by himself, wow I was shocked at how many people responded and admitted to the occasional cheat meals. Just saying that in a fast paced world it's not failure, it's a part of the journey that may seem like stand still traffic when in fact, it's just a traffic jam you will get through.

ADIOSALL Posts: 5,197
7/7/14 5:30 A

It has to come from within! How much do you want this?

PJJJSAGE Posts: 104
7/7/14 3:56 A

First of all, congratulations! You're off to a good start.

The first lesson is---this journey won't be "perfect". You'll slip, there'll be weeks when you do everything "right" and won't lose a pound. Weight loss rarely moves in a straight, predictable line.

The important thing is to commit to making healthy choices every day. Slips aren't the end of the world. Put them behind you and make the next choice a better one.

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7/7/14 12:53 A

7lbs! That's AWESOME! Don't let one meal bring you down! Remember each moment, each decision is a choice where you can make a difference. Am I going to sit on the couch and watch TV all night instead of doing a few minutes of cardio? Am I going to have a piece of fruit or have a piece of cake? Portion control is a BIG obstacle sometimes. Sometimes it's the choice not to get a second helping. EACH CHOICE IS YOURS! Don't trip up because you made a bad decision. EVERY MOMENT COUNTS! You can do this! I am in the same position as you AND I have more to lose! Find your true motivation and put it on your goal board. Look at it every day! YOU GOT THIS! One step at a time!

7/7/14 12:11 A

Hi my name is Inara. I am trying to lose 100lbs. It has been a week and i lost 7lbs so far. I ate huge meal today. Feeling super guilty. I am not like you guys. I always quit when it comes to weight loss. I dont want that this time. I wanna be healthy skinny sexy n all. So i am here to fish inspiration and motivation. I know there are some awesome people in here. So shower me with your love and befriend me people! Xoxoxo

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