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7/17/13 5:00 A

I take Omega-3 Fish Oil at a fairly high dose, as prescribed by my Dietitian.

I strongly urge you to NOT take any supplements off your own bat unless you have spoken with your Dr first, because in spite of a lot of supplements being 'natural' they can interact with certain medications or exacerbate certain conditions. Also, some need to be stopped prior to surgery because they can thin the blood making even simple procedures very risky. Some need to be prescribed even tho' they could be bought OTC (in NZ anyway) to get the therapeutic level (Vitamin D being one of them.)


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7/17/13 1:36 A

Honestly, I first heard about fish oil's anti-inflammatory effects and wanted to try it out for weight loss. After having my doctor's approval, I started using it. I have a healthy diet and I workout, so I cannot single out fish oil's contribution to weight loss. However, I have seen real benefits in other aspects:

- Eradicated eczema: I tried various topical treatments from shampoos to daily creams for the last 6 years and none was useful until I started using fish oil. (Actually noticed during a week I was off of fish oil as it was out of stock) Right now I am not using any topical treatments whatsoever and I am eczema-free.

- Reduced acne: I had acne on my back. Even though it was not so severe, I tired toners, aha solutions, occasional turkish bath and chemical peelings. Those only showed a mild reduction. Fish oil, on the other hand, is my go-to solution for this. (NB: I said reduced, because I still have pms acne no matter what)

- Glowing skin: I have oily skin so I never attributed this to the fish oil at first, but after receiving compliments as to how fresh I looked... It grabbed my attention too. Note that I take care of my nutrition too, which most definitely ameliorates this situation.

So, just for the eczema side-benefit, I can use fish oil all my life. I really suffered from eczema - especially during college - it is a bliss not to have it anymore.

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7/16/13 7:20 P

I take fish oil twice daily. It's suppose to help reduce my cholesterol. So far, no luck. I'm using the Walgreen's brand. I plan on switching to a more natural version when these run out.

7/16/13 7:17 P

This site, our experts and our members can not determine if it is medically appropriate or necessary for you to take a fish oil supplement. This should come from your doctor who can assess your medical history, laboratory data, food intake, medication usage, etc.

Fish oil supplements are used for heart health conditions---when appropriate.

This SP article gives more on the topic:

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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7/16/13 12:56 P

One thing to be careful about fish oil supplements. They go rancid over time. This means that if you are taking fish oil pills from a plastic bottle that you set out at room temperature, you may be eating rancid oil that is more harm than good. So, get the stuff in glass bottles and store it in the fridge. Some people have even suggested that you bite one ever week or two to make sure it doesn't taste too 'fishy'. Once it starts tasting real fishy, it is rancid and so oxidized that is is no good.

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7/16/13 12:32 P

I take Fish Oil, and Glucosamine as well as garlic , vitamin C and a multi vitamin in the winter I do add vitamin D as I reside in Portland Oregon and we don't see much sun in the winter.. I have been taking these same vitamins for years with no side affects at all

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7/16/13 12:23 P got me more curious....!! I put Fish Oil in the Spark Search....and found this article...

The Mega Benefits of Omega-3's
These Healthy Fats Belong in Everyone's Diet

There are also several other, older threads on Fish Oil...

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7/16/13 12:14 P

Although I'm not one for Supplements in general---I can't believe the quantity and variety which some folks feel are necessary to their very survival!! LOL ---my doctor recommended that I take Fish Oil, and Glucosamine. I'm currently taking the Nature Made, "One Pill per Day" brand Fish side effects...and I think the benefits are VERY subtle.

I'm certainly hoping the benefits include some cardiac, cholesterol, healthier joints, less 'inflammation" (although its not like I could identify any specific inflammation I'm dealing with! Just the suspected general "achies & pains" that come with an older, less flexible body!!)...and I believe they are researching if it will perhaps help prevent Alzheimers and other neurological events.

A relative (who is a well respected Chiropracter...) told me that the Glucosamine is good to take because over the years our meat sources have become less natural: the more highly grain fed beef/pork contains less of the gristle-type tissue which contained these compounds.... BUT I HAVEN'T done any research to confirm this!

I've certainly not read about any negatives to taking these two supplements however.

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7/16/13 10:42 A

I have been thinking about taking a fish oil supplement. I read some things about it on the internet after a weightlifter friend recommended it but I was hoping to get some feedback from SP. I have a list of questions, so be prepared!

Who takes it? Is so, why?
What brand do you use?
How much should you take daily?
Are there any major side effects?

I don't eat a lot of fish or seafood (mainly salmon or shrimp, occasionally talapia, once a week (maybe twice a week if I go out to eat and want to order fish).

Thanks in advance!

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