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8/24/14 3:35 P

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I love the non-scale victories, but it does feel good when the scale affirms that you are on the right track. Congratulations on your determination and persistence! I hope that your dog recovers quickly.

8/24/14 1:18 P

That is great. I hope your dog does ok.

8/23/14 11:46 A

Fantastic - that's great

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8/23/14 9:00 A

Thank you!!! We share philosophy too... Keep living, laughing and loving girl! I appreciate your feedback... Cheers!

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8/23/14 6:41 A

That's a great start already!

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8/22/14 6:56 P

Good for you! Often, taking that first step is really scary and so are the steps that immediately follow. Just remember to follow your tag line and remember that EVERY victory counts, no matter how small you may think it is. For me, I've found that when I remember to celebrate the tiny victories, it is so much harder to let myself backslide as far. Good luck with your journey! emoticon

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8/22/14 12:28 P

Hoorrraaay!!! I'm so pleased... I dropped just over 5lbs in my first week. I know it will slow down dramaticlly after this as the first bit is usually water weight, and in my case the Doritos I haven't had for over a week, but I'm thrilled. So motivated to keep going! I've been stressed because my dog needs foot surgery (She's on the table now I expect), but I've been trying not to do my usual high salt snack fest over it ... I'm having black cherries these days for a snack.. they take time to eat, and they are soo good, and it's short season. Yum!

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