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First time trying Kale

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3/27/13 6:53 A

Luckily for me I have been eating Kale since I was a kid as I grew up right by the sea!

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Posts: 6,569
3/26/13 11:42 P

I love it!!!

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Posts: 16,189
3/26/13 9:29 P

I use it many ways and in many forms. I saute it, put it in soup, or sometimes wilt it down with lemon juice. Recently I used it with white beans and garlic. My daughter loved it! It is a great food to use.

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Fitness Minutes: (2,155)
Posts: 1,098
3/26/13 9:08 P

We made the "Winter Squash and Kale Risotto with Golden Raisins" recipe from the other day. (Modified slightly, used leftover rice instead of cooking a risotto for instance.) It was so good.

SparkPoints: (76,042)
Fitness Minutes: (55,680)
Posts: 3,390
3/26/13 6:58 P

I toss tiny pieces in salad, or in something hot and soupy. Will NEVER make kale chips again, those were gross! Tasted the way that cigarette butts left in an ashtray SMELL, nasty tasting things. I made them 4 times, because so many love them, but the kale has a weird taste already, baking them, even with spices and stuff, had to toss them and promise husband not to ever make that again. The kale chips you buy taste ok, but they have a coating on them, to hide the taste of the kale.

Posts: 1,809
3/26/13 6:33 P

I also put tiny pieces in soups and stews, and real itty bitty teeny weenie pieces in white rice.

Posts: 1,809
3/26/13 6:32 P

I make kale and turkey tacos. Brown ground turkey salt and pepper it then add dehydrated tomatoes cut up in it, then when almost done add kale in little pieces and cook until tender. Put on taco shell with cheese (optional) and hot sauce mmmm so good!

I put tiny piece of kale on homemade pizza and garlic breads.

My daughter loves smoothies and puts kale in her smoothie.

SparkPoints: (154,542)
Fitness Minutes: (35,974)
Posts: 25,693
3/26/13 6:30 P

I have used it in soup, it added a nice flavor.

Posts: 2,244
3/26/13 6:27 P

I have made kale chips (pretty good!)

I use it in soup (holds up better than spinach). also have added sauteed kale to pasta dishes. Anywhere one might use spinach.also recently discovered it's not too bad raw - a friend of mine made a very tasty salad with finely shredded "curly" kale, shredded carrot, avocado and fresh lime juice. I shoveled that down, it was amazingly delicious.

Posts: 438
3/26/13 6:17 P

put it in a smoothie, marinate it with other raw veggies, sautee with mushrooms, onions, and garlic, steam it. Will one day try kale chips.

Posts: 217
3/26/13 6:13 P

I put a cap full or so of oil in a pan and sauteed an onion and some garlic...added the Kale and some chicken broth and some water and cooked it down... It's pretty good. It's not the texture I was expecting...more I like this...

What do others do with their Kale?

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