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7/12/11 8:42 P

That's fantastic that you've decided to get fitter and healthier! A couple of things that have helped me on my weight loss journey are receiving fitness and health related emails to my inbox every morning, putting up photos of the bigger me and the smaller me, hanging my bikini from my bedroom door, posting up motivational quotes, etcetera. Basically, in-my-face visual reminders! Also, it helps to have a weekly workout and nutrition plan set up in advance, so on the weekends I usually figure out my gym schedule and some healthy meals for the coming week. Other important methods are journaling and having Spark People will be a great resource! :) Keep everyone posted on how you're doing!

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7/12/11 2:07 P

Welcome back!! You're off to a great start! I use this site as my main motivation. I read blogs, comment on the boards, update my blog, and track EVERYTHING! I get a thrill from tracking my fitness minutes, getting the little trophies, and encouraging other people. I think this site can really help you stay motivated if you go on everyday and find what gives you that extra push! Good luck!

7/12/11 12:15 P

emoticon Kerra!

Some of the things that help me stay motivated:

Remembering that this isn't a "diet" - it's a lifestyle change! It's not about depriving myself, but rather learning healthy habits. And because it's a lifestyle change, I also have to remind myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint. I didn't put this weight on overnight or develop my bad habits overnight, so change won't come overnight either. Those are the things I use to get over bad days and setbacks.

I like to have motivational words around me as much as possible. I've been known to lipstick short quotes on my vanity mirror, put up motivational signs on the fridge, tape reminders to workout instead of loafing on the TV and computer screens, etc. I try to keep all of the messages positive and uplifting, rather than chiding or negative. [For all you Harry Potter book fans out there, when I think of chiding reminders, I'm always reminded of the homework planners that Hermione got for Ron and Harry: "Don't leave it 'til later, you big second rater!" LOL]

I've also found that staying active on SP and these forums really helps me to stay motivated. As I'm giving advice to others, it reminds me of the same information. And reading other people's ideas gives me new ideas and directions that continue to motivate me.

Good luck on your journey! Glad you're back!! :)

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7/12/11 11:45 A

Stopped dieting for a while and completely lost all my energy. Well, I AM BACK!. Started today off with a jog and some ab work. Any tips to help stay motivated? Any tricks to remind yourself that you need to stay on track?

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