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10/22/08 2:31 P

Sorry it has taken so long but life took hold :) Yes it is sustainable. I think the longest to go that strict on the soy protein shakes and only dinner would be 2 weeks max. What I did was gradually add back in lean proteins, complex carbs and tons of veggies and protein rich snacks like cottage cheese and peanut butter with triscuits or other higher fiber crackers and veggies :) But when I feel bloated or like I might have indulged too much I go back to the stricter version where you have the shakes for breakfast and lunch and the only real meal that day you have is dinner. I also will replace meals with shakes if I am too tired to cook and jut want to go to bed or if I am unable to cook like recently when power was out. Gotta love having protein powder and shelf stable unopened soy milk available. I didnt add fruit or ice of course to that one but it worked for a quick meal.

MINIER Posts: 216
8/26/08 7:47 P

It's many months later, but I am wondering if anyone ended up trying this approach, whether it was sustainable, and what results you got?

Thank you.

MITSIEMAE Posts: 118
3/6/08 12:29 P

Hi I was wondering if you have tried the diet with the protein shakes.

I am thinking about doing this too.

Please let me know


KBOMBER Posts: 4
2/13/08 4:05 P

I've decided to start this diet today. I hope it works. I find the homemade shakes do not taste all that bad. I will post on my page updates if anyone is interested.

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2/4/08 1:37 P

Although I'm not doing that diet. I do have two protein shakes a day and sometimes three. I have a protein shake with why protein in the morning when I get up with milk. I then have a snack mid morning, lunch, snack in the afternoon and sometimes another shake with milk, then I workout and have a shake with OJ and a dinner. I think it's great to use as a supplement to replenish what you used but I wouldn't only want to drink the shakes to get the most of my nutrients. Good luck to you.

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2/4/08 11:57 A

And btw...the purpose of Spark is so you can get feedback from people who have done this before. I've lost 154 2 jobs, go to school, work on a website, etc. I'm incredibly busy, so I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed with changing your habits, losing weight & still having to do well in other aspects of your life. I'm sure everyone here wishes you the best (i know I do), but we should be allowed to give our opinions as well. :)

I love hearing what works for people. I'm a firm believer in fact that not one program works for everyone.

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2/4/08 11:55 A

I'm with the other people in the fact, that this isn't a program you could maintain for a lifetime. While your body needs adequate amounts of protein for maintenance, repair & growth of the body's tissues & muscles, if you eat too much it will be stored as fat just like any other macronutrients. Whey Isolate is 90-97% pure protein, which is great especially if you have trouble meeting your daily protein requirements. :) I would be cautious...and make sure you're getting enough carbs and fats as well. Like I said protein is essential but so are carbs & fats. You need carbs for fuel, they are your bodies main energy source & fats for absoprtion of fat soluble vitamins like A, E, D & K among many other functions. :)

Just be careful. I would consult your physician before starting anything like this, just to do get his/her go ahead. Best of luck to you!!!

JENN2782 Posts: 54
2/4/08 11:11 A

I think you read my mind! LOL

I read this very same article yesterday (while eating my superbowl snacks) and was instantly interested in trying it out.

I had planned on doing some investigating for the simple fact that I know I can't live on 2 shakes a day for the rest of my life but what could it hurt for a few weeks and to give your body a jump start?

I'll probably start next week. I have to get all the stuff first. But I will keep you guys posted on my progress if you would like.

2/4/08 9:55 A

I read the same article and my husband and I want to do it. We went and bought the whey protein and soy milk. Is that what you did instead of premix shakes. Did you order the plan or just doing it on your own. I could use some ideas from anyone doing it. emoticon

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2/1/08 4:27 P

To the second person whor responded:
Thanks for giving a good productive and nice response, Yes protein shakes are a good fix for me right now as I have two jobs and am a full time wife and mom with no childcare...I have metabolic disorder and take meds for bipolar disorder that cause me to lose weight /very/ the doctors thought this was a good idea to get a few extra initial pounds off and my husband is doign it with me too to help us gain some self esteem :)

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2/1/08 4:25 P

To the first perosn who responded:

Actually I eat balanced meals doctor and nutritionist told me this was a good idea because even though I am walking and getting the proper amount of calories my medication for bipolar is causing me to have trouble losing weight, as is my metabolic disorder..I understand that this is a temp thing and have done shakes in the past as a younger woman to lose a few pounds here or there..

Sorry to sound blunt but: Everybody knows that you cant live on shakes forever honey, that you have to eat balanced meals, but for people who are busy like me and really dont always have the time to eat as much food as they should and still have trouble losing weight its a temporary help to get some initial weight off and provide some self confidence...

Anyways I was asking if anybody was interested in being a weight loss buddy for this plan..not what people's take on the plan is any takers?

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APPRIL Posts: 2,239
2/1/08 1:19 A

Good luck to you.
There are so many success stories here, and no limitations on food choices. But, as long as you are getting all your calories and nutrients in proper proportions and like to have the same breakfast and lunch daily (no thinking required, no cooking required, fast and easy :-) ), I'm sure it can work for you.

( I used to like protein shakes as a snack, until I figured out they made me 'toot' ! )

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NANCYJAC Posts: 11,488
2/1/08 12:25 A

I think for someone who is that morbidly obese, a radical intervention type diet under strict medical supervision may be appropriate. However, it is certainly not a good way for most people to improve their eating habits for a lifetime, but more of a stop gap measure to prevent death or serious debilitating illness.

Do you plan to drink 2 meals/day for the rest of your life? If not, what are you going to do? What will you have learned about good eating habits and a balanced diet? How will you keep from gaining the weight back?

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1/31/08 10:00 P

After reading this months (January 2008) issue of "First Magazine" I went out with my husband and bought two huge things of 100% whey isolate powder at gnc (it was a bogo sale, woot). Then I went to the store and bought soy milk and frozen fruit. The magazine gave a very inspirational story about a woman who drank two of these shakes a day, an healthy dinner and two snacks and lost 470lbs!!! Granted it didnt say how long it took and how much exercise she did.

I want to know if anyone else is going to do this diet, I am starting with a shake tonight and going fully onto the plan tommorow. I want a weight loss buddy for it. My husband is also doing this plan with me. He actually agreed with the science behind this one and paid the cash to get me the stuff to do it..amazing!!! I will try and make a community for it if anybody else wants to join us :) I will be walking when its nice outside and doing comcast on-demand workouts when its nasty out. I will also be doing the on-demand strength workouts..

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