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8/10/11 11:00 P

Just start out slow. When you feel good doing that, increase your workout in some fashion. In ten months I went from getting tired walking in place in front of the tv to wanted to run miles. I am trying to hold myself back so I don't injure myself. I feel wonderful. I hope that you too will soon feel wonderful and be confident in your skin.

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8/10/11 9:41 A

Thank you Kim for your prayers! It is very encouraging to know that someone is praying for you. I commit to include you in my prayers as well!

Be blessed!

8/10/11 2:08 A

Hi, I just prayed for you ! I have 5 children and over 100 to loose too and I'll be 50 in Dec.
I got told yesterday to walk a mile a day (same as what you said so that is confirmation for me!..

Praying for you!

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8/9/11 10:21 A

Thank you for the encouragement! Trying to walk a mile everyday to start out and eat better foods for myself and the children. It's raining (pouring) this morning, so the stepper will have to do. I will not quit.
Be blessed!

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8/9/11 10:11 A

emoticon I've been here nearly 4 years and I'll tell you what matters most:

DON'T QUIT. Stay with this. Nearly everyone quits and goes back to old habits. Don't be one of them. Do this for yourself. You can release FIVE POUNDS, 20 times. 2# per week is over a 100# in a year.

The reason people don't get to goal is THEY QUIT. Stay away from "just one cookie" or the "Oh, they will be upset if I don't eat with them." Do this for you. emoticon

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8/8/11 10:39 P

Not sure what to write. This is my first time posting in a journal. Feeling fat, slow, tired and I must lose this weight! I am 51 years old and over 100 lbs more than my military weight. Gotta lose it, but in a healthy way. Off I go!

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