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as a beginner, the best speedwork you can do is to run more. Pick one of the 3 days and start extending that run by several minutes each week.

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Great job on running a 5k - that's awesome! It sounds like you did complete the program, even though it took you less time to do so. If you want to work on speed, you may want to try using one of these programs to help you with that:

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I started the C25K program on 4/17 - I'm not exactly sure what the structure of the standard program is, but I was using a 12 week training plan provided by my running store. I completed a 5K about 6.5 weeks into the program, running the whole thing in just under 36 minutes. Given that I can now run for 30+ minutes without stopping and can run a 5K distance, does this essentially mean that I'm done with the program? Or should I keep progressing through the weeks as they're laid out in the plan? I'd like to improve my time, so I want to start doing some speed work...would this be advisable at this point? Any suggestions re: speedwork would also be great! Thanks!

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