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3/22/13 11:16 A

This is a nutrition thread though.

Besides, if they are avoiding long threads they should close the "Did you eat breakfast/lunch/dinner?" threads.

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3/22/13 11:14 A


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3/22/13 11:09 A

This is a great game, but it probably ought to go in the game forum rather than here-- it's going to turn into a monster long thread, which they are trying to avoid in the main forums. Would you mind re-starting it in the Games forum so they can remove it from this one?

LOTUS737 Posts: 2,398
3/22/13 10:45 A

finish with: crunchy veggie salad with lemon juice

dinner: start with dry rubbed bbq chicken

FTSOLK Posts: 1,391
3/22/13 9:42 A

I just thought of a fun game that would help us come up with ideas for meals. One person gives a menu item to start (along with a meal time) and the next person completes the meal and starts a new one.

So the first post might be: Dinner. Start with a grilled, seasoned salmon fillet.

The second post would be: Add sauteed spinach, roasted string beans, brown rice, fresh raspberries and a glass of milk.

And the cycle would continue.
I'll start:

Lunch. Start with a natural (unsweetened) almond butter and fresh raspberry and blueberry sandwich on whole wheat bread.

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