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9/12/13 8:46 A

Invest in a good insulated bag and ice packs if you haven't already.

I found this on Pinterest; it's all meals that you don't need to heat up and are healthy. Check those out and see if anything would fit your needs! :)

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9/11/13 6:08 P

Granola bars, cut up veggies/apples/bananas are always can easily eat these between classes-I teach, too, so just planning ahead can pay off emoticon

NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
9/10/13 9:44 P

i graze as well. the key to it is the same as balancing your meals for the day. the calories and nutrients need to total up to where you want them, and it's not as important how they get to be there.
wraps are great because they stick together a little better than sandwiches. even try adding sliced fruit and nut butter to a wrap to make it easier to eat. hummus and veggies also do well this way. and if you really want to make is simple, slice the wrap like they do in fancy grocery stores [so it looks like little pieces of sushi].
and i really haven't found much of a problem grazing upright. all you need is silverware of some sort, a well insulated lunch box with ice bags, a thermos of some sort for hot foods, and planning. so if you wanted chicken breast for lunch, cut it into bite sized pieces before you put it in your lunch container. same for salads, make sure all the vegetables are chopped up in bite sized pieces and you can just grab a forkful and move on. and it's that bit of planning [can i eat this while i am walking between classes? if not what do i need to do now to make it so?] that makes the difference, not what you eat.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
9/10/13 4:36 P

Personally, I'm a "grazer" - I very much prefer to nibble at little bits instead of sitting down to meals. My tracker shows them as meals and snacks, but (except for dinner) I generally consume them over a period of a couple of hours. This hasn't seemed to have any negative effects at all on my metabolism or weight loss.

As for "what to snack on", my favourites are:
- sliced fruits and veggies, with either a yogurt dip or hummus
- sliced cheese and dill pickles
- slices of steak, chicken, or pork (left-overs from the night before)
- a "breakfast wrap" (veggie omelet with cheese wrapped in a tortilla) cut in to finger sized slices
- baked oats (my current favourite is pumpkin) cut in to bars that can be nibbled at all day
- home-made muffins (I make mine high fibre / high protein) with nut butter
- home-made trail mix (almonds, pistachios, raisins, dried apricots, chocolate chips)
- yogurt with "stuff" (cocoa, nuts, hemp hearts, fruits, berries, oats --- whatever fits in my plan and my appetite for the day)

For me, I need protein in order to be satiated, so that is always my first priority. I also need a lot of fibre, so that's the second thing I look for. As I mentioned, I plan out my day as meals and snacks, so that I know what the overall nutritional profile and calories are. Once they are in the tracker, I just nibble at them in whatever order appeals to me at the time. It all works out by the end of the day, so I figure that the order or time of day doesn't really matter.

Hope this helps!

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9/10/13 1:53 P

School has returned, and I've found myself either unable to take the time to sit down to eat a proper meal or unable to find a table to sit down and eat a proper meal between classes. What are some healthy alternatives to the usual snack foods that I can eat throughout the day that will be filling?

Also is snacking constantly, if healthy things like fruits and vegetables, worse than sitting down and eating proper meals?

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