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6/18/12 10:55 A

Recipe sounds yummy....have to try it emoticon

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6/3/12 9:14 P

About a year ago I stopped eating meat. Now I eat lots of Lentils, Dals, Beans, Bulgur, Polenta and lots of veggies. I use a lot of Indian spices and the best site to get ideas and how to do Indian home cooking is This is the best site to learn how to cook Indian recipes. There are a lot of short quick videos and great advice.
The two young ladies that are in the videos are delightful and fun to watch.
Spices are the key for me to make things taste good. Give it a look see, I think you would enjoy their approach. One thing, even if you don't have all of the spices, try them any way. I have never had a bad dish from this site.

PITZEL2 Posts: 25
5/21/12 10:24 P

Looks fantastic. Good work. I've been using a lot more beans myself. I like to "hide" orange lentils or the little French lentils in sauces to complement pasta or rice. Chick peas (garbanzos) are great in salads, soups, stews and pureed into hummus (you can make low oil versions!!!) to snack on with veggies or rice crackers. There should be nutritional content information on the packages of the beans or you can easily google to get the info for dried or cooked.

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5/13/12 9:15 P

emoticon Lisa.

That looks VERY good--I put it in my "Recipes to Try" cookbook.

If you use dried lentils, they only take 20 minutes to cook--same with mung beans.


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5/10/12 12:39 A

It looks very tasty and nutritious. I'm looking forward to trying it!

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5/6/12 6:33 P

Hi Everybody! I'm new here, just this morning actually and I'm very excited about it!!

I tossed something together for supper tonight and thought I'd share it in the recipes. I REALLY appreciate the ability to know the nutritional content of what I'm making. I've made a big change lately trying to eat 'real' food (as in unprocessed) and find things that I like (I'm a wee bit fussy) Beans and lentils are something I've never really liked or eaten before so it's taken some effort to learn to incorporate them.

Here's my recipe,

I would be interested in your comments.


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