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I went back to school in my thirties. I was very hesitant to start but am glad I did it as I'm much more confident in my work skills now than I was before returning to school. My first semester I was actually pregnant with my son (funny being the oldest person in class and pregnant). After having my son I went back to work part time and cut back to one class a semester which was very stressful but manageable. I would suggest starting off slowly, maybe one or two classes a semester and go form there. Just try to keep some balance in your life. Good luck!

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10/19/11 8:26 P

well, i try to take problems, one at a time, as u can see from my history..and it seems like u have 2, and you are blending them together..

Your husband is one

and your day limits (24 hours is all u get )

as for husband , i will pass on that one,since i am not a good person on that
so i will go to number 2

first - why are U doing all the work for the WE ? i worked my way through college and it was hard , and i did this when i was 20 with no kids or hubby !! I saw that my day was gone before i even got out of bed ! so u must rethink how many classes u can take , since u need to work to feed the WE ..and keep this in mind ! Aid requires a 2.0 gpa, so now u have added pressure to keep that mim ! i think u need to work , then build the school around that - maybe one class to start , then if u find it easy , go to 2 classes..also keep in mind, if u are going to transfer the credits - make sure the 4 yr college will accept the credits..i got stuck taking more classes at the Comm. College, and 8 classes were not accepted - so i lost that. AND if u are looking for a better job, look to see if the new company will pay for some classes . That is how I got some Grad classes for free, from my past employer ..AND no one is ever too old to learn ! u are talking to a girl , who is doing crash classes on french ! emoticon

keep in touch !

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It sounds like you have lot going on and are really asking for permission to do something for yourself so you can be happy. I work full-time on 1st shift, hubby works full-time on 2nd shift, and we have 3 kids. I started back up with college courses a year ago part-time. It's not easy and it took a while for hubby to support my decision. I get stressed out trying to balance it all, but I'm also proud of myself for making the decision. Either you live with the regret of doing nothing, or you take the chance to fulfill your dream. emoticon

10/19/11 1:33 P

I am a 27 (28 on friday) year old mother of a 5 year old who is my entire world. Her father and I have been together 7 years. I love him dearly and he is a good father. The issue is he has not worked in almost 1.5 years due to an auto accident and was just denied disability (he was advised by our attorney to apply for disability to help cover his current & future medical bills). He has experience doing only physically demanding/hard labor type jobs and is showing almost zero ambition towards what he is going to do in life now that he cannot return to his old job. I figured since we got this denial letter from disability it would bring us some closure and he could somehow try to find a job that he can do. We both agreed that we would not try to go forth with an appeal as we cannot wait any longer and are about to lose everything we have trying to live on just my income. His injuries do cause him some pain and discomfort but he can still walk, stand and do basic movements, just not hard labor like he used to. I often lay awake at night either crying or just generally stressing about how i am going to pay the bills and how i am going to help him find a job. My weight loss efforts are now at a standstill as i feel my life revolves around him and helping him get back on his feet so that he can contribute to this family again. I have tried countless times to have a heart to heart with him and tell him how i feel and how i NEED him to take care of himself and his priorities so that i can take care of mine. I tell him how i feel like i am doing everything and i need help - but i just dont think i am getting through to him so i find myself just not talking to him as much about what is bothering me - which lately, is EVERYTHING.

WELL, i am starting to realize i need to focus on myself and what I need and want to do with my life. Unlike him, i DO have ambition and i DO have goals. I currently work full-time at a well paying job, but am very unhappy with the company itself and the structure (or lack thereof). I know i should be thankful for even having a job, but i will always regret it if i dont try and better myself and provide for my family the best i can. That being said, i want to go to college. I dropped out of high school after the 9th grade to take care of my mother who was dying of cancer. I promised my mother i would go to college and get an education. That is a promise i have as of yet not fullfilled for her or myself.

I am currently in the process of enrolling and getting financial aid - if all goes well i will start in the spring semester which starts Jan. 23. Right now i feel overwhelmed and even guilty that i am even THINKING about going to school as i have NO CLUE how the bills will get paid or how i am going to divide my time between school, family and work (i plan on keeping my current job and trying to go part time or find another part time job while going to school). But at the same time i have found myself revisiting these goals of mine at least every couple months and telling myself "now is the time", "you need to do this", "you arent getting any younger", etc. But still, i havent done it and even feel as though others around me are discouraging me from even trying. I truly feel as if time is running out and i am not getting any younger and as i watch my daughter grow and enter kindergarten, i cant help but feel i should be trying harder and if i dont i am failing as a parent. I want my daughter to someday be able to look up to me and know that i did everything i possibly could to be the best for her and myself. I feel as if that goal is slipping farther and farther away, and even worse, i'm letting it.

So the point i am trying to (longwindedly) get across is - how can i find the strength and courage to once and for all stand up for myself and be ok with focusing on MYSELF and what I need to do? Does any of this make sense to any of you? Should i pull back a little and continue to focus on making my family whole again before i venture out and dedicate so much of myself and time to school when so much else is going on? PLEASE any input would be very much appreciated!

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