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1/2/13 12:38 A

You are right that the mayo is okay on Atkins, and cutting that down isn't an issue. A low fat brand is not allowed on Atkins. However, you should be eating fruits, and vegetables. I am on Atkins, and eat about 10 servings a day. I choose to eat lower glycemic foods, and avoid beets, carrots, corn etc., but any greens, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, artichokes, as well as berries, apples, peaches are okay. The list is looooooong.

Even for Induction you are supposed to eat 3 cups of greens, and salad vegetables because you need B vitamins, and fiber, or else you will suffer from constipation. Try some nuts, and cheese to add some calories with very little carbs. To really up your calories, you can use olive oil to cook your meat dishes.

I second getting rid of the shakes. You want to eat real food, and stay in your range, while eating enough fruit veggies to get proper nutrition, which is harder on Atkins to do. A wide selection of fruits/veggies will help, and you may still have to take a daily vitamin.

If you up your fat intake, and add in the vegetables, you should be able to add 300-400 calories a day, and still lose. Hopefully you can keep climbing up the amount of carbs slowly, since the goal is to eat this way permanently. Hopefully you top out at 100 grams a day, so you can enjoy more variety. If you are too strict, you will eventually eat a bunch of carbs/cals without any planning. Just make sure that the carbs you add in do not trigger any binges, or cause weight gain. You can call them good carbs if you want, but you really just need to figure out which ones your body can handle.

Atkins is really not a low carb diet, it is a healthy carb diet. Staying below 20 grams is not the goal. The best part of the diet for me, is the extra fruits/veggies I eat, and that has caused me to exercise 60-90 minutes a day, because I have lots of energy. This allows me to eat more food, and still lose weight. The goal should be to be able to eat as many healthy carbs as you can, along with the proper amount of protein, and healthier fats. You get your energy from carbs, AND fats, so as your carbs go up, your fat will drop, and vice versa. You seem to have cut fat AND carbs, and are probably lacking energy. Atkins stressed that to achieve better health exercise was mandatory. You need energy to do that.

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1/1/13 2:56 P

Congrats on your former 90lb loss. Have you looked into posting on any Atkins support forums?

1/1/13 11:31 A

I agree that you need to move away from the shakes and add more fruits and veggies. If you still need more calories, add some nutrient-rich fats like avocado, nuts and coconut milk.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,247
1/1/13 10:43 A

instead of using 1/4 cup of creamer in your coffee, try having milk instead. if you prefer the hazelnut flavor, try having half a cup of milk, adding a shot or two of espresso or strongly brewed coffee and then having a single serving of your hazelnut stuff.

add some nut butter and/or fruit to your shakes.

for your tuna and mayo, start adding things like celery and peppers for a proper tuna salad. you could also serve your tuna salad wrapped in greens, stuffed in a pepper, or in a hollowed out zucchini /yellow squash/eggplant boat.

have some veggies with your bacon for breakfast, perhaps in an omelet or scrambled eggs. or steam and mash some cauliflower and have that with your bacon.

when you have things like plain steak or plain shrimp, have them with a salad, even if it's just a cup of greens and some onion or pepper. or have a cup or two of broccoli or cauliflower with a little cheese. have some cooked mushrooms with them. make stir fry with them [you can add broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, water chesnuts, dark leafy greens, peppers, onions, eggplant].

and if you don't think it's a problem, start tracking a variety of nutrients. odds are you'll find out what you're missing, and you should use that to help determine what to add where.

1/1/13 9:04 A

I think you may benefit from some basic meal planning guidelines.

Do you have your meal plans turned on here at Sparkpeople?? Use these meal plans as a guide to show what to include in a breakfast, lunch, dinner. Yes, you can make substitutions---for example if you don't like spinach salad then substitute romaine. But at least you will be moving in the right directions of getting more variety in your diet, the right food protions and calorie amount. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.

I also send this link as well"


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12/31/12 8:24 P

That might be okay, but no individual meal should be 800 calories, and you need to add some vegies to that, so you have to compromise somewhere.

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12/31/12 7:01 P

Since I am eating less carbs than a typical diet it's alright to have Mayo with reg. fat. I do need more veggies, I must admit. And...I don't know why but I HATE fruit. Weird i know! haha

Which oils are best for salad dressings? I use olive, but I have heard grape seed is good too?

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
12/31/12 6:54 P

There is no lunch on Dec 31. There is a shake for breakfast, a shake for dinner, and a tuna salad for a "snack" that is 800 calories on its own.

Like Becky said, if you can start by ensuring you're getting enough fruits and vegies, that would be a good move.

I would certainly start looking at how you can ditch the shakes entirely. As a go-to for those days you just don't have time to make a meal, 1-2 times a week, sure, but as a regular twice a day meal? That's just not healthy or sustainable.

Your tuna salad looks pretty good. Drop the mayo down or switch to a lower fat brand and add some vegies. I don't eat tuna myself, I don't know what goes with it. Maybe something leafy like baby spinach leaves?

12/31/12 6:20 P

I would first start by adding at least:
2 large servings of fruit daily
4 large servings of vegetables

This will give you about 250-300 calories and many of the nutrients and fiber that you are missing!!

SP Dietitian Becky

KOMO1985 SparkPoints: (137)
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12/31/12 4:45 P

So i just started adding shakes, for more nutrition, but even before (2 years ago) I never did shakes and was always 700-900 calories daily. But i consistantly lost, does that mean that for me and my body that it wasn't a starvation situation but for some it would be?

I know how to realistically eat & provide my body with nutrients, without shakes, but I've had a hard time losing this 30lbs and I wanted a little "help" especially with breakfast. Also, in todays nutrition tracker i already did my lunch & dinner to plan out & track calories. Were you looking at that?

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
12/31/12 4:40 P

Is your tracker accurate?

Tip #1 - stop replacing meals with shakes. This is not teaching you about healthy eating, and clearly isn't providing you with enough nutrition. If you replace your shakes with a meal consistent with the plan, you will receive much greater nutrition and be more likely to meet your goals.

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12/31/12 4:08 P

I eat a modified version of Atkins right now. 2 years ago I was 218, I regiously ate the atkins way for 1 year and lost 90+lbs and I worked out almost everyday, mostly just walking though. I had this calorie problem before, so not sure it actually is a problem.

I only get about 900 calories in a day. I eat meats, tuna, mayo, oils, eggs, and garden salads. i switch it up, but are there some ingredients that can aid in calorie intake? Mayo is a magic worker in that department, but I don't like the taste if I over do it.
Any suggestions?

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