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WENWIN Posts: 2,614
6/5/13 7:20 A

OK. So I heard this on the podcast on Spark Radio and it makes sense. The way to really feel satisfied is to have a combination of protein and fiber. Yesterday I had multigrain Shredded Wheat and vanilla soy milk with raspberries and it held me for the whole morning.
I'm a believer!

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6/5/13 7:20 A

Protein breakfasts stick with me way better than carb-y stuff like cereal. I love eggs and usually make omelets with 1 whole egg plus extra egg whites (from a carton). Another option is to eat dinner leftovers for breakfast. A slice of meatloaf for breakfast is very filling!

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6/5/13 1:44 A

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
6/4/13 6:38 P

Like eating an egg mcmuffin cooked at home with fruit...quick to fix!

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6/4/13 2:11 P

Thanks for asking the question. I have the exact same problem. I eat banana, cheerios, walnuts with non fat milk at 6:30 am. and am starving at work at 10. My tracking shows me that I rarely eat enough fat and protein so the advice given here makes sense to me. Eggs for breakfast to see if it works.


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6/4/13 1:55 P

Thank you everyone for jumping in to help me out. I really appreciate it. It looks like the general consensus is to go with more protein. I can do that! I don't really like cereals anyway! Morning omelets here I come!

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LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
6/4/13 1:26 P

Making sure I have enough protein in the morning (along with carbs and fat) is what keeps me full until lunch. Also, making sure to eat enough calories in the morning is important. Ideally (according to my registered dietitian), all three meals of the day would be about equal in calories.

How about an egg sandwich (whole wheat toast or sandwich thin depending on how many calories you want to use, scrambled egg, slice of lowfat cheddar) with a serving of nonfat Greek Yogurt (lots of protein there, I get the plain greek yogurt and add a little Splenda to sweeten it) and some fruit? It's a good amount of food and has a good mix of protein, carbs and fats.

Another idea is oatmeal. But, make it with nonfat milk instead of water (for the protein and the calcium, etc.) and stir in a tablespoon of peanut butter after it's done (for the heart-healthy fat).

One other thing to try is a serving of Greek yogurt (plain, nonfat) with a little Splenda (and/or honey or whatever you want to sweeten it) with a couple of servings of granola. Look for a granola with a reasonable amount of added sugar (some of them have a ton of added sugar) and one that has some nuts in it (for the fat) or add your own nuts. A serving of plain Greek yogurt is over 220 grams and it's a lot more than one of those tiny little cups of pre-sweetened stuff they sell. I used to eat those little cups of yogurt (or try to, but I didn't like them very much) and ditching them in favor of nonfat Greek yogurt was really helpful for me. Greek Yogurt has a lot of protein in it, much more than regular yogurt. I like Fage nonfat Greek yogurt. I get it at Costco in large containers for less than $5.

Oh, I always recommend to anyone who will listen than a food scale is a wonderful tool. I was never able to lose weight until I got one and started weighing out all the foods I eat. It was really eye opening. You can get one for about $20-25 on Amazon, at Target, Walmart, etc.

Hope this helps.

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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,744
6/4/13 1:19 P

high protein is def the way to go. I don't like to eat in the morning so I drink a protein shake and eat a greek yogurt.

TRIPLEMWF Posts: 906
6/4/13 1:07 P

I make my breakfast as protein heavy as possible and I'm very rarely hungry until lunch time. I used to always have to have a morning snack when I'd have things like oatmeal for breakfast, but since switching to a higher protein breakfast, I rarely snack. For example, today I had 2 eggs and 2 egg whites scrambled with peppers and onions and 3 turkey sausage links, oh, and coffee. That is a pretty typical breakfast for me. I usually switch up the type of meat and sometimes add cheese, but that seems to be what works for me.

6/4/13 12:54 P

It has been a very long time since I've eaten cereal for breakfast. Honestly when I used to eat oatmeal I'd be starving an hour later so I had to look for a more substantial breakfast.

I eat eggs almost every morning for breakfast now and they really seem to fill me up. 2-3 eggs cooked in coconut oil and some fruit is a usual breakfast for me. I often try to add some meat like bacon or sausage to up my protein and fat as I find it keeps me full longer.

I usually eat 3 big meals a day and sometimes I have a snack but mostly I don't because I stay full for a long time eating higher fat, moderate protein, lower carb meals. My blood sugar levels tend to stay even which is awesome.

Best of luck in finding what works for you.

P.S. I just got back from Moab! I've been twice and I love it there. You're lucky to live in such an great adventurous town.

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6/4/13 12:36 P

Good morning... or afternoon to those further east. I have a question for you. I have been trying to find a breakfast that is healthy and will stick with me until lunch time. Although I'm not opposed to snacking I like snacking later in the day. I have tried cereals, both hot and cold with yogurt and without. I have tried adding some veggies or fruit. I even added a handful of almonds but nothing is sticking.

I'm new and still learning so if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it!

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