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Finding "Active" members on Spark People

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Posts: 174
9/19/13 10:00 A

Hi Jerri,
I have been a member of Sparkpeople for a number of years but went inactive for awhile. I'm back now with a new determination and motivation. I'll be checking in regularly. I'll be looking for you.
Have a glorious day. emoticon

Posts: 603
9/19/13 9:49 A

The more you check in the more you will see others who are consistently checking in on the message boards, blogs, challenges and teams. If you find someone who seems to share an interest (check out Spark Teams) then add them as a friend and leave a message on their Spark Page.
Many people are inactive but many, many more take the time to check in consistently.


SparkPoints: (26,642)
Fitness Minutes: (11,149)
Posts: 889
9/19/13 2:46 A

Hi Jeri,

I've only been on sparkpeople a couple of months but have lost 16 of the 100 pound I need to lose. Check out my sparkpage if you're interested in being a friend. I try to blog every 2 to 3 days and belong to a couple of teams.

I wish you much success!

Joan emoticon

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Posts: 56,196
9/18/13 11:17 P

emoticon I belong to DONE BEING THE FAT GIRL Team, and to the BECK Team, (we have read Dr. Beck's book, as she's been slim for over 20 yrs.) and I make new friends all the time.

You are right that many people don't check in and MOST people give up and quit. I've been here nearly six years and few people are still here from when I joined. It is like getting older doesn't matter and that they had the idea six years ago to join Sparks and they QUIT. I didn't get to my goal yet, but I've never been back up to that 214# I was when I joined, so I feel that that is a success.

Posts: 100
9/16/13 3:33 P

Hi Jeri - Welcome to Sparkpeople! A couple ways to meet people would be to look at the Spark Teams under the Community Tab and join some that sound interesting to you. Make sure they're active first by looking through the recent posts. The other way is to read and respond to some blogs which you can also find in the Community Tab. One final way is to blog yourself! When people respond to you send them a message and add them as a friend. They will probably add you too and before you know it you'll have lot's of friends! Good luck on your journey!

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SparkPoints: (50,851)
Fitness Minutes: (60,662)
Posts: 712
9/15/13 6:21 P

Hi Jeri in Texas. Welcome. I think you did the right thing to post this message. You could also find some teams that share your interests and check the activity there. Challenges too.
Some of us are active but maybe we don't update our status regularly but we do keep in touch in team chat rooms and/or message boards. You'll get the hang of things. It is pretty overwhelming at first don't get discouraged. Work your program one day at a time and keep active on line.The rest will follow......Star

SparkPoints: (614)
Fitness Minutes: (127)
Posts: 42
9/15/13 4:30 P

I've been looking at sparkpages and I'm curious as to whether people are currently active (checking in, participating in teams etc). So many show the last status update to be 50-100-or more days ago. I would guess these people aren't active on the site right now.

I am looking for people to "friend" who are active and who hopefully share some of my same interests and goals. What's the best way to find friends?

Jeri in Texas

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