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10/7/13 5:06 P

I hear ya! My boyfriend is a beautiful size of 125lbs.... He has just as many problems as I do.... He has the hardest time putting on a single pound and he hates it.. People tell him to Eat something.. that he must be anorexic... He loves me the way I am and I love him how he is. But we both want to change for health reasons

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10/7/13 4:55 P

Welcome Nadja! I too a new on here and I live with my fiance' who's a whopping 155lbs....and then theres me pushing 250. I hope to find the encouragement and people going through the same thing on here and I certainly hope that you get what you are looking for off this site as well. Best of luck to you with your goals!!

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10/7/13 3:57 P

thank you for all the welcomes!

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10/7/13 3:40 P

Welcome to the spark.

Wishing you every success with your spark journey.

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10/7/13 11:26 A

hi welcome to the spark emoticon best wishes on your journey emoticon

delia* believe in yourself and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish

its only considered failure when you quit trying

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10/7/13 9:33 A

Hi Nadja. Welcome to SparkPeople. You've decided to join a pretty fantastic place. There is a ton of information, exercise tips, recipes and exercise videos right here on this site. I highly recommend joining a few spark teams because they're great for supporting each other.

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10/7/13 9:25 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Peggy (Colorado)

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10/7/13 7:56 A

Welcome to SP.

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10/7/13 7:03 A

I've noticed this lol but thank you for the advice! I'm still very confused but snooping my way around the layout!

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10/7/13 6:00 A

emoticon and best wishes!

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10/7/13 5:58 A

Hi Nadja, welcome to Sparkpeople emoticon

You have come to the right place, there are lots of people here who totally get where you are coming from. The best way to meet people is to start by joining a team, there are teams for just about anything and everything on SP emoticon

Give yourself some time to get used to the site because it takes a while to learn your way around it but you have taken that first all important step. Best of luck, remember emoticon

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10/7/13 5:32 A

Hey there!
My name is Nadja. I am glad to find this place! I live in a house with three guys (all under 170lbs) and a girl (125 lbs) and to try to explain to these guys what its like to be me feels like a joke. Now don't get me wrong... they are as supportive as they can be! BUT... they can eat McDonalds and not gain a pound. I eat a chocolate bar and feel as if I gained a whole person. I have no one in my group of friends that I feel can relate to me and looking for people who can! I've always been accepting of my weight since I've been big as long as I can remember... but when at 28 you are getting diagnosed with anxiety, severe sleep apnea, joint problems and edema... you start to realize if you don't make a change death is inevitable! You would think this would be enough to kick my butt into gear but living with people eating chips and candy and milkshakes and fatty food without a worry while I'm sitting with carrot sticks is beyond horrible sometimes. I'm just interested in meeting people who understand and are ready to change their life with a little bit of help as much as I am.
Thanks for opening your doors to me!

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