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9/22/12 2:51 P

I'm right there with you buddy. I just reached my goal too and am now trying to put back more muscle. So I am looking forward to more muscle building info now. Great job by the way, I always had faith in you.

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9/18/12 12:36 P

Pull-ups are an awkward muscle group for most people who are not swimmers. Think about it this way, how many times a day do you use lat muscles to pull yourself forward or upward? The answer is never.

So, how do you increase this number? The most obvious answer is more pull-ups! But I would begin mixing it up in off days. You can do lat pull-downs, or go to a pool and start doing freestyle laps. Should help build up those muscles more.

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9/17/12 2:30 P

Seems OK. It's more than I do.

My opinions:
1) Accessory exercises are used when you stall on the main lifts
2) Front squat is an advanced lift and probably not necessary if you're doing cleans (unless your cleans are stalling)
3) Get a power rack and go 100%
4) Would go with a press over incline bench.

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9/17/12 9:51 A

So I realize Spark isn't the best place for getting advice about building muscle back after losing weight, but I'd like to hear what anyone has to say about my stuff. Hoping the guy's lounge can get this views from people who know what they're doing.

I'm 5'8" and a year ago I was 215 pounds. Now I'm 155 pounds and looking and feeling great. I'd love to put some of the muscle back on that I've lost and want to make sure I'm doing this the right way because although I was pretty strong before, I was not an inteligent weight lifter. (Also, I'm 21 years old and inheriently shallow so I'd love to be able to keep the bit of visible abs I now have)

About me- Started training Brazilian jiu jitsu three months ago and loving it. Although eating at a caloric deficit and training as much as I was sucked. Looking forward to eating ~2200 cals per day now to go with my training. Worst part was keeping the motivation to workout/train after a 10 hour day at work that I have M-F. Very long days.

I'm gone for work from 6am until 5pm. I have two hours Bjj class every weeknight from 7-9 pm. On Tues, and Thurs I've been lifting after work and then going to jiu jitsu. Then I'll get another lift in either Saturday or Sunday along with a run on the other weekend day.

I was planning on doing this routine and have a few questions about it
Bench- 3x5 (195)
Squat- 3x5 (245)
T-bar rows- 3x5 (135?)

Deadlift- 3x3 (275)
Pull ups- 3x burnout (8, I really want to know why this one is so low. Palms are away, locking elbows and hanging for a second each time like I had to for Marine's PFT)
Military Press- (125)

Clean- 5x3 (135)
Incline Bench- (175)
Front Squat- (155)

So yeah, its Pendlay's variation to starting strength pretty much. Where I think my weights to start is in parathenthis. I have a few questions about it however and was hoping to get them answered here.

1) Assistance exercises- With starting strength type programs, do you do some assistance exercices (brocep curls, dips, shoulder work, ect.) after, or do you really only do those three lifts hard and leave? Just seems like I'd be out of the gym in 20 minutes if I did that and not feel like I worked hard enough.

2) I lift alone- Only issue with this is I don't have a spotter so there are times I can't quite give 100% and go to failure on the last set. Would doing 2 sets with the barbell, and then the third with dumbells be a thing to do? So like with bench, do two sets with 205 but since I can't do a full 5 reps with that weight the last set, grab some heavy dumbells that way I can do five and completely burn out so that I can just drop the dumbells when I fail instead of getting stuck under the bar?

3) Am I even on the right track- Or is there a completely different lifting plan I should be looking into? I wouldn't consider myself a beginer lifter. Played football and lifted all through highschool. Continued hitting the gym through college. At my peak (215 pounds, and not pretty) I could bench rep 255 and squat 335 3x5. So yeah, I messed up losing the weight and lost too much muscle, but I'm strong and fit down at this weight and would just like to fill back out a little while keeping my fat down or lower.

tl;dr- Biggest question is do you do assistance exercises with starting strength programs?

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