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6/17/12 1:33 P

My 24 yos has a poster that says "I don't work out to be healthy, but to look good naked." I think that is so funny. emoticon At 24, he doesn't need to worry much about all the health issue I worry about.

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6/14/12 8:17 A

Hey everyone,

How are you all doing? I hope everything is well with everyone. Everything is going well here.....well eccept my weight. I am struggling to even lose a pound and it's my own fault. I have been stress eating terrible and have to develop some will power. Any suggestions?

I do try to get out for a walk because my CRNP says it will do mke a lot of good. It seems to be working, but the weight ins't going down. I guess I am going to watch the calories I eat on a daily basis. Walking doesn't give me the excuse to eat whatever I want.

Life is busy at the moment and I'n sure also for all my friends here at Spark it's just as busy. I would just to know how to eat right when you're on the run all the time!

Please take care of yourselfs! I want everyone to stay healthy. Let me know if you have any ideas.



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