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JIBBIE49 Posts: 69,048
1/22/12 9:11 A

It is sad today that SO MANY people are so fat, because I know that people will tell you that 127# is TOO SKINNY. I was 5'4" and 122# during my 20's and I wasn't skinny at all. I can say it is smart to get it off and KEEP it off. No young woman should waste the best years of her life being fat.

SHIRL721 Posts: 44
1/22/12 6:04 A

Wow, I finally broke the 146 pound curse. I weighed 144 this morning. I tried to up my aerobic exercise, maybe that helped. A year ago I weighed 127 and I then I ballooned up to 155. It sure is harder to take off that it was to put on. My weight just kept going up day by day. I could see it on the scales. I didn't like it but I kept on doing what I was doing. Then I saw a picture of myself and that was the turning point. I WILL GET BACK TO 127 pounds.

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