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9/30/13 12:09 P

You must be very proud of yourself! We all know losing weight is not an easy journey.

Keep up the good work.


Is it tomorrow already?
KATIGIE Posts: 229
9/30/13 9:04 A

Big congrats to you! It takes a lot of determination to accomplish this!

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9/30/13 6:59 A

WEll done!

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9/30/13 4:09 A

This really is a emoticon moment.

So pleased for you. It's worth celebrating all the hard work you have put into it.

emoticon emoticon emoticon


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9/30/13 12:06 A

Yesterday I finally reached my weight loss goal of 130 lbs, down from 152 last May and my heaviest at 200 lbs. Had plateaued at 132 for last week. This past weekend did the Shakeology 3 day cleanse where drink shakes 3 times a day and eat one solid meal of salad and tuna. Did no exercise at all because my daily calories were so low between 700-800 each day.
Starting today (Mon) going back to regular diet of 1300 calories/day with Hip Hop Abs in morning and Zumba in afternoon to maintain. Now the real work starts to keep the weight off with the holidays approaching. Thank you to Sparkpeople buddies for inspirational words and to my Facebook weight loss challenge group ladies for keeping me motivated!

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