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ROSEBOMB Posts: 345
4/23/14 1:56 P

Thank you everyone for the comments and suggestions! I'm still feeling pretty weak today. I've increased my water intake and I've been going to bed about a half hour earlier than usual. I haven't tried any exercise yet, but I've increased my pace whenever I'm walking to and from my car in the parking lot at work just to try to get a little umpf back in my step.

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,785
4/23/14 10:52 A

I agree with the others - take it slow and walking is best. Listen to your body and don't push too hard. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep and are making good food choices and hydrating. Instead of eating at the bottom of your range, you may want to bump it up a bit to give your body the fuel it needs.

I did not follow the above a time or two and ended up making myself much worst. Pushing too hard with exercise and not giving my body enough rest made me hit a wall.

NOBLEEQUESTRIAN SparkPoints: (5,640)
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4/22/14 11:03 P

Sadly, illnesses like this can take a while to fully recover from. The weakness may last for a week or two after the illness has passed.

To speed up recovery make sure you get plenty of sleep, drink lots of juice and water, and make sure to eat well.

If you want to work out, start out by doing some walking. When I'm getting over an illness I like to walk in place in front of a tv show.

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4/21/14 3:04 P

It's hard to say. If your immune system is weak, it could take a while. Fatigue is a sign that your body still needs rest even though you may have taken a while off from your routine. Some illness can linger regardless of any previous illnesses.

If you had some energy, I would have suggested you take a walk. However, since you're still fatigued, you need to continue to take it easy until you start feeling better.

Some bugs can be tough to shake, so don't beat yourself up if it do have to take a few more days off. As your energy starts to return, you can slowly ease back into a fitness routine with a daily walk.

ROSEBOMB Posts: 345
4/21/14 2:47 P

I am currently recovering from a flu-like illness. I say flu-like because the doctor's office was out of flu test kits, so they couldn't say definitively whether it was flu - but I had all the classic symptoms (fever, body aches, cough, fatigue, sore throat, and my asthma kicked up A LOT, etc).

I was very sick for 3 solid days and recovery has been slow. I started feeling bad Sunday night, was full on sick Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and began to see some mild improvement by Thursday/Friday. I took it easy over the weekend. Today is Monday and I'm still coughing and have a stuffy/runny nose. I'm breathing normally again. For the most part, though, my main complaint is now extreme fatigue. My whole body just feels totally worn out.

I realize this is common after a severe illness, but I'm wondering how long I should expect it to last? I haven't been this sick since I was little, so I really don't remember feeling so weak/tired.

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