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4/15/14 7:03 P

Go to the doctor - I didn't right away and it ended up taking 9 months to heal - so not worth it. I had something similar on the tibia bone - 2 stress factures. Only thing I could do for cardio was a stationary bike. Didn't bike outside because if I fell that would have been bad.

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4/15/14 6:47 P

I also agree that speaking with your doctor would be the best thing so you don't cause further injury and cause you to be out of your routine for longer.

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4/15/14 5:43 P

"Are there good cardio options that can be done without putting stress on the fibula?"

Yep... getting yourself to a doctor to make sure what is wrong, so that you can make sure what you are able to do.

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4/15/14 5:12 P

I think a visit to the doctor is in order first to make sure.

ELAINOVA Posts: 398
4/15/14 5:08 P

Hey guys, after a 3 week break in my routine I started back up with running (around 4 miles per day) about a week ago and today awoke with a localized twinging/throbbing pain just above my right ankle on the outside edge of my leg - I think it may be a Fibular Stress Fracture. I don't want to fall off track since I've done so well this week, but need help or advice from anyone who has experience with this. Are there good cardio options that can be done without putting stress on the fibula? Thanks!

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