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MISSRUTH Posts: 4,271
1/24/14 12:19 P

I only look at "net carbs" in relation to my overall carb range. I've never looked at subtracting carb calories that came from fiber, from my total calories for the day. I reckon if I was having a hard time meeting the bottom of my calorie range AND a bunch of those calories were actually from fiber to boot.... I would make an even more super serious effort to eat more. As it is, I can hit the middle of my calorie range without too much effort, and therefore anything from fiber that might not be digested and therefore not supply calories, doesn't matter so much anyway.

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1/24/14 9:52 A

True, I suppose if I just tally my total carbs and consider those calories as being digested then it will help me stay in my calorie range. If I am actually digesting 100 calories less than I think I am, then all the better I guess. I just wasn't sure how important it was to keep track of in the scheme of things

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
1/24/14 9:01 A

There is a way to track net carbs. You have to enter the food yourself, but in the panel on the right side of the entry page is a space for net carbs.

For myself, even though I enter that value on the foods I know, I usually tend to pay more attention to the total carbs on my daily tracking. I'm bad about overrunning my target value, so if I overestimate, I figure I'm ahead when I'm able to stay in my desired range.

WDIPIM Posts: 1,389
1/24/14 7:13 A

I wish there was an easy way to understand all of this - and to keep track. It's so confusing.

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1/24/14 4:06 A

I eat a lot more fibre than you, and I still count it. Some is non-soluble fibre, and some is soluble fibre. Sometimes we can go a little 'too' over the top with things, but whatever we do, it must be consistent.

I keep a spreadsheet with my daily calorie, fat, and fibre intake. Every week or so, I average the calories out. I know what the cut-off points are for me for gaining/maintaining/losing weight.


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1/24/14 2:45 A

I have read conflicting studies about fiber digestion. At the present time, if I count, I count everything.

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1/24/14 12:10 A

I've been eating a lot of fiber lately, around 30g/day. Considering a digested carbohydrate yields 4 calories, but an undigested carbohydrate like fiber yields 0 calories, would it be fair to subtract the fiber calories off of my daily totals? I know the calorie tracker won't do this-- does anyone keep track of their "net carbs" as their real daily total of calories? It seems that I am actually getting around 100 calories less than the tracker states, if I subtract the fiber calories.

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