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9/2/11 4:08 P

I use fennel just like i would use an onion. soups, salads or sauteing in broth for a side dish..

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9/2/11 9:51 A

Raw fennel bulb has a mild flavor like licorice and is crunchy. When you cook the fennel, it becomes softer in texture and the flavor is less pronounced. Some ideas for raw would be something interesting to add to salads. For cooking try sauteing it with other vegetables or use it as an ingredient in a soup or stew. The leaves have a milder flavor than the bulb itself. It can be used in the soup or stew but really works well as a garnish.

Hope that helps!

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We get an organic delivery box each week, we dont pick whats in it, its just seasonal things.

Next Friday we are getting fennel bulbs, Ive had it once and wasn't overly impressed, so really not sure what to do with this one.


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