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2/7/13 2:02 P


it definitely wouldn't hurt to call your doctor. Do you feel this same numbness when you walk outside or just on the treadmill ? One thing to consider is whether or not your shoes are tied too tightly. Numbness or any tingling could be a sign of lack of blood circulation to the feet. So, if you're wearing old shoes or the laces are too tight, that might be the problem.

One thing I suggest to people starting a walking or running program is to make sure they are wearing properly fitted shoes. Ill fitting shoes can cause a bunch of problems.

Here's a SP article on fitting shoes that you might find helpful.

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2/7/13 1:23 P

I use my treadmill at least 3-4 times weekly and have never experienced this. I agree that you should check with your doctor to make sure there is nothing causing this. In the meantime, could you try a different pair of shoes? Perhaps your shoes are pressing on something. Good luck.

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once you are sure there are no medical issues, try changing the lacing pattern on your shoes.

I have very high arches. As long as I skip every other hole when lacing my shoes I'm fine. If they are laced up the 'normal' way, my feet get tingly and numb.

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I second Nancy's post. Numbness in the feet and a "heavy" feeling are not normal. If it were me I would see my doctor about this.

I have experienced a "tingling" sensation in my feet when on the treadmill. I found out it was caused by poor fitting shoes. They were too tight for my fat feet. I bought a new pair that fit much better and I was as good as new. Sometimes the solution is simple, other times it requires a professional.

Good luck.

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Hi Cindy,

You may want to contact your doctor and see what he//she has to say. You want to rule out that a medical issue is not causing the numbness and heaviness.

Take Care!

Coach Nancy

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I have recently started walking on a treadmill, and I have been experiencing feet numbness and heaviness. Does anyone know how to relieve this. It makes me not want to walk because by the time my thirty minutes are up, I feel like my feet are lead. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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